Written by Belinda F

10 Jan 2005

Finding my way to the dining room, I again marvelled at what a fabulous party this was, with couples, threesomes and loads more all enjoying the most wicked abandoned sex possible. My whole body ached from being used and from every sexy moment and I wondered just how many people had fucked me...some I knew, but lots I did not!

Reaching the dining room I saw a sumptuous feast laid out on a huge table. There were lots more bottles of bubbly in coolers and I helped myself to another glass. Glancing across the table I saw Charlotte with Bayley, he was feeding her grapes and the bitch looked like she was the cat who had just found a big bowl of cream! He couldn't keep his hands off her lovely body, and he was so engrossed I do not think he had noticed me come in. Helping myself to some food, I chatted to a rather pretty girl by my side, her little shaven pussy really turned me on and I could feel my sexual appetite returning. I was just about to touch her when I noticed Simon, Charlotte's younger brother sitting by the the window. Mmmmm, he had grown from a boy into a man since I last saw him, and I felt my pulses racing as I moved towards him. Charlotte was not going to like this one!

"Simon" I said, sitting down on his lap, "How lovely to see you here." "Belinda" he said, "Yes it's the first time I have been invited to one of Charlotte's bashes, and I've been looking for you." That was music to my ears! "Come on then" I said, as pulled him upright and lead him by the hand making sure that Charlotte and Bayley saw us! Taking him just a short distance and still visible from the dining room, I knelt down and started sucking Simon's rather inviting young cock. I do not imagine that he'd had much sexual experience, and planned to give him a lovely time in full view of his sister! Kneeling in front of him I slowly and sensuously sucked the fleshy tip of his circumcised prick and felt it throbbing between my lips. His eyes were closed and his expression adorable. My fingers softly massaged the barrel of his cock and I slowed it all down trying to prolong his orgasm. I started to gently squeeze his balls and then concentrated on the soft area between them and his bum hole. All the boys enjoyed this area stroked, and I soon found out that Simon was no exception, and he was almost purring to my touch! Realising that he must be close to coming now I pushed him back into my mouth and started to roll my tongue round his delicious member. I looked over into the dining room as I was completing my task to see Charlotte and Bayley watchng my every movement! God was I enjoying this! As Simon was now so close to coming I gave him my favourite licking and sucking action which always ends a suck fuck perfectly and it was just seconds before he released his load, almost choking me there was so much! "Oh Belinda!" he said "Please don't stop", but I'd had enough of him now and fancied pastures new.

Without looking back to the dining roomI headed back to the conservatory in search of some more fun. Suddenly I heard someone calling my name, and saw an old friend lying by the pool. Annie had introduced me to some very naughty erotic games. I had met her at the local tennis club and had known her a couple of years now. She was one of the few people fully dressed and wore a black body stocking and shiny leather boots that reached right up her shapely thighs. Annie was holding a rather large vibrator and beckoned me to her smiling. I felt a tingle of excitement as I got close to her."Hello darling, long time no see" she said, shaking her head. She loved playing, taking on the role of dominatrix, and wearing all this gear. Kissing my lips, she ran her fingers over my soft flesh and popping her forefinger with a massively long nail between the lips of my cunt she lowered me onto a sunbed. Standing over my now quivering body and rolling me onto my back she proceeded to push the vibrator between my legs as her spare hand moved firmly over my skin. Trying to hold my body still, Annie pushed the massive beast in and out of my body. "Are you enjoying that darling?" she said in her husky rather masculine voice. "Yes Annie" I whispered. Actually I felt rather sore and over used. Trying to think of a way of escape was I relieved to see Richard!!

"At last I have found you Belinda" Richard said with Charlotte now by his side. "Darling we three simply must have a fuck for old times sake!" he said. "Mmmmm, that would be lovely" I said smiling sweetly at Charlotte! We went off somewhere more comfortable and as soon as we got there I grabbed Richards cock and lowered myself onto it. Riding him, I felt him tense and realised how near he was to coming. Richard and I had had a bit of a "thing" together before he met Charlotte, and I still quite fancied him. I lay back on my arms dispaying my fanny to him and squeezing my muscles on his very hard prick. I knew from the past that he loved this position as I moved back up riding his body as I would a horse. As I did this Charlotte positioned herself above me and held open the lips of her cunt above my face. I pushed my tongue out and eased it between the delicate lips of her pussy and onto her firm and swollen little clit. She always tasted delicious and I was soon lost in her juices and beautiful movements. Somehow Richard had released himself from under me, and was moving us both round without disturbing the licking action. I was on my knees and he was now sucking my cunt something I always enjoyed him doing to me...he was very very good! Charlotte continued to enjoy my attention as we kissed each other deeply. Richard feeling my body begining to tense suddenly rolled me onto my back and rammed his hard prick into my cunt and fucked me in the missionary position. It was really rather nice! "Oh Belinda, that was SO good!!. Will you come to Paris with me next weekend?" Richard panted.

Bayley suddenly appeared at my side and almost dragged me into another room. "You really are such a naughty girl" he said laughing at me. "I never dreamed that a night like this could be so much fun" he said as he buried his face into my rather wet bushy little triangle of pubic hair. He must have tasted so much cum and love juice!! He caressed my hard pink nipples and circled round them into the silky white skin of my breasts. I closed my eyes and felt his body close to mine and his gorgeous familiar hard cock. I moved my legs around his neck and could feel every cell in my body feeling alive and excited as his tongue disappeared inside me. He usually likes me to hold out and go slowly, making the end so much more intense but I just could not help a gentle little orgasm slip out. Bayley then pushed his throbbing prick between my legs and I soon felt his warm white spunk pumping inside me. Again I closed my eyes and just fell asleep in his arms.

I do not know how long I slept but it was lovely relaxing and resting my tired body. Eventually though my eyes opened and for a brief second I wondered where I was. I could hear the jazz band playing softly in the distance; Bayley had also fallen asleep and his cock lay limply between his legs. Looking round, other people were sleeping but lots more were still at it! Still half asleep I watched a couple nearby enjoying themselves...he was riding his partner wildly. Finally she stood up and he knelt at her feet lapping at her shaven pussy.

Over to the left I watched a huddle of couples all entwined and it was hard to see where one body started and finished. There was so much groaning and sighing going on and swaying and jerking. They all seemed to reach a peak at the same time and erupted into a beautiful synchronised shivering fuck! It must have been fantastic as I imagined all the orgasms reeling through their bodies and I began to feel my own body coming to life again.

Wandering round looking for any of my friends I climbed the stairs and on reaching the top looked down and watched all the activity below. There were just naked people everywhere! I closed my eyes for a few moments just listening to the sounds that filled the air. Grunts and groans, shrieks and sighs...it was all going on still with the strains of the music in the background. A grandfather clock chimed somewhere in the distance, it was three o'clock.

I heard someone call my name, and it was Sarah clinging onto Tim her journalist husband. This WAS a stroke of luck. She beckoned me over to one of the bedroom doors, and as I slipped into the darkened room I heard the door shut behind me. "Oh Belinda, you look fantastic. We have been watching you all evening fucking so many people and now it's our turn!" I took hold of Sarah and we kissed and fondled each others bodies, and I realised just how good we were together. When we had left school we had shared a flat in Hans Crescent in Knightsbridge. Her father was absolutely rolling in it and we spent a happy few years sharing a big feather bed together, she was very sexy and I loved her to bits. We had so many adventures and some gorgeous guys in that bed too! The room was still in darkness but there was light enough for me to see that the large bed was covered in coats. Guessing what I was thinking Sarah said "All the other rooms are occupied and there is hardly room to move." "Tim and I have been quite enjoying making love all over the coats" she said giggling. She took hold of Tim and said " They are all very soft and comfortable and I would love to see their faces when they discover their coats all covered in spunk stains!!" "Thats fun" I laughed as I grabbed Tim's hand "Lets make loads more!!" Giving Tim one of my sexiest smiles I knelt in front of him and pulled him to me and he did not need much encouragement from then on. His fingers disappeared inside both my wet holes. I was absolutely dripping and it felt fantastic as I bucked backwards and forwards moving smoothly on the soft coats. With Tim now inside my bum, his hands pulling and tweaking my breasts, we rode together screaming out for ages before he finally spurted into me. Lucky Sarah, it was a very big cock and he knew how to use it! Tim lay beside me and with my eyes half closed for a moment I rested beside him quite breathless. I could feel Sarah moving though and it wasn't long until I felt her fingers pulling my fanny lips apart and her dear little tongue inside me paying particular attention to my clit and all the spunk that Tim had left there. She guzzled greedily, and I just lay back enjoying it and moaning and remembering the soft touch of her tongue, and with some years of improvement in between, it was beautiful! We lay together for a while not talking and enjoying the peace and quiet away from everyone else.

"Anyone fancy a drink" Tim said getting off the bed. "We have a proposition to put to you Belinda, and I won't be a moment" Sarah and I talked about old times and old friends, and Tim was soon back with a bottle of Champagne and three fluted glasses. "Shall I tell her or you?" said Sarah looking all excited. "You do it darling" Tim replied, "After all you are the one with the money and ideas" Sarah gulped and said with a sad face "Daddy died in the summer" Quite speechless I pulled her close. "Oh Sarah I am so very sorry" knowing how close she was to her father, I could imagine how she felt. "Thank you" she said, holding me closer " He had a heart attack, it was all quite sudden and he had a good life, but I still miss him so much" as she wiped away some tears. "Anyway I'm lucky in the fact that he has left me loaded and with properties all over the place, and Tim and I have got some brilliant ideas that could also involve you."

For some reason Tim now took over, and they both seemed very excited. One of the properties was a big Villa in the most beautiful part of southern Italy. I listened patiently wondering hhow this could involve me. Then they told me their idea! It was for the three of us to give up working and go and live out there and run a swinging holiday haven. My mouth had fallen open and my mind was spinning at the thought of it. It was quite a lot to take on board all at once. There was my job, my family and of course Bayley. What would he think about uprooting and moving to Italy? Tim and Sarah were both watching me with great interest. I poured out all the questions which they answered one by one. When I asked about Bayley, Tim shook his head...the offer was only open to me....just the three of us...absolutely no one else! If I wanted to be part of it I had to let them know by the tomorrow night!

Lying back on the coats I closed my eyes and played with every aspect. What an opportunity...I simply adored Italians and had had some fabulous holidays exactly where this villa was situated. I had even lost my virginity on St Peters beach when I was sixteen, the year after my father had died. This was so tempting!! I do not know how long I lay there, with Sarah and Tim quietly beside me. I shall have to think about it long and hard I told them....it's all so sudden... and without Bayley.

I got up and left them in the bedroom with my mind reeling. It was such an opportunity for a new start, and what an exciting thought it was with lots of sun, sea and sex, sex, sex!! Coming down the stairs my mind still dreaming I saw Bayley with two girls...wow what an amazing sight as another joined them. I could not completely concentrate on sex any more and could feel myself moving towards the exciting thoughts of adventures in the sun!

The taxi arrived at about 5am and we were dressed and ready for it, although my bra had gone missing..who cares! I pretended to sleep on Bayley's shoulder all the way home, but I could not sleep with it all going round in my mind. We managed to get some sleep and got up mid afternoon. Bayley could not stop talking about it all, and I could not blame him. It really had been a fabulous evening. There was nothing for me to I had to join in and be enthusiastic, but I hated myself for being so dishonest. The day passed and we slept in each others arms after we had fucked again with me realising this was going to be the last time. We had been out for an Italian meal in the evening, Bayley's choice, ironical to say the very least! He was tired that night and so was I especially thinking of the long night in front of me. I had definitely decided to go!!

With Bayley cuddled up behind me, but sleeping deeply I managed to get myself out of the bed without waking him and dropping a kiss on his lovely forehead picked up the case that I had secretly packed and shut the door quietly behind me. The taxi was waiting for me in the street below, and without looking back I climbed in and set off for pastures new.....