Written by Frank with Joans permission

8 Mar 2006

This true story relates to the early days of my marriage in the 1960's.

I'm Frank and in 1963 when I was 22 I married Joan my 18 year old ex convent school girlfriend having committed the cardinal sin of getting her pregnant. Times were extremely hard but with the help of her parents we managed to get a foot on the property ladder, buying a terraced house close to where they lived.

At this time, in order to make ends meet I was working as long distance driver,working long hours and spending quite a lot of time away from home, consequently when I did get home our sex life was brilliant.

Our closest friends at the time were a couple called, Ron and Jill, also recently married and with the same financial problems as ourselves.

Ron and I both worked for the same firm, but during our working week we were invariably sent off to different destinations. Jill, who was about 19 then, was very nervous about being left on her own in their flat, and so she spent a lot of time sleeping at our house when both Ron and I were on the road.

Joan and Jill were both very attractive young women, and

I really fancied Jill who was I suppose about a size 8/10 with nice legs and smallish breasts.

Sometimes I would arrive home to find her still staying with us because Ron was still on the road, this led to me seeing her partially dressed on a couple of occasions,purely by accident of course, but never the less

I found it a real turn on. I would share my fantasies with Joan whilst we were having sex,suggesting that we invite her to join us in bed, telling Joan what I would like to do with Jill while she watched us, sometimes I would produce a pair of Jill's recently used panties, which I had retrieved from the bathroom washing basket and sniff the musky,sexy odour whilst my cock was buried deep inside her. This pillow talk would bring Joan to huge wet orgasms

which in turn brought me to a fantastic climax too, after which we would fall asleep, with my knee between Joan's

thighs stuffed up against her fanny and feeling our mixed juices seeping out and down my leg.

On Saturday nights the four of us would often get together at our house for a meal and a drink, the drink usually being cheap sherry and cider (no fancy wines in those days) and with none of us being hardened drinkers it didn't take us very long to get what we called "merry".

The drink also used to liberate our inhibitions and our tounges and I was quite shocked when Joan spilt the beans on our pillow talk to Ron and Jill, I can still here the gasp from Jill's mouth, as I sat there, gently turning crimson. Ron immediately lightened the proceedings by announcing "So what I've always wanted to get my hands on

Joans tit's, I love big tit's,can I have a feel Joan?"

I've got to say that although Joan's breasts were bigger than Jill's, they weren't super big, but had been enhanced by childbirth.

Thankfully our firstborn used to spend her Saturday Nights with Joan's parents, so was well out of ear shot when this conversation was taking place

The drink was still flowing at this point and it was decided that we might try a game of strip poker,aside from not being great drinkers we also weren't very good at cards'and so after an hour or so with the Girl's losing,

but still with most of their clothes on we, the lads,

decided to dispense with the cards' and play "spin the bottle." determined to speed the game up.

Joan was the first to lose her top clothes and was soon down to Bra and Pants, mainly because, being at home she had less to lose,ie no stockings or suspenders etc. Jill on the other hand had dressed for the occasion complete with stilletoes, stockings,suspenders the lot.

Ron was also down to Y front's and socks at this point

and he also a huge hard-on, as he lustfully perused Joans body.

Eventually Joan had to remove her bikin briefs and I watched intently as she slipped them off revealing her

pubic hair and barely disguising the soft moist cleft between her thighs as she sat back down on to the hearth rug. Ron was only the third guy ever to see her like this, the first being Joan's first, who had taken her virginity

whilst she was still a 16 yr old schoolgirl and whilst wearing her uniform, Knee socks and all, lucky bastard!

Five minutes later we were all completely without clothes,

Jill being the last, losing her frilly little panties whilst doing her upmost to cover both Tit's and Fanny as she slipped them off.

At this point a silence descended on the room as we all looked at each other, Ron and I being totally unable to

hide our fully erect cock's, Ron broke the silence by suddenly announcing that he was going to have a feel of Joan's tit's if I didn't mind, what a gentleman! he then sat down next to Joan and started to caress her hardened nipples,Joan looked up at me with an enquiring look in her eyes and I responded by running my hand up Jill's still clenched thighs as she sat next to me on the couch, nodding to Joan to carry on and enjoy it.

It was a fight with Jill who's inhibitions were still holding her back, but after a while and some gentle but passionate kissing her thigh's parted and I felt my finger gently slide into her damp fanny as I sucked on her small but firm nipples,I could hear her breath shortening as she started panting, I took her free hand and placed it on my hard cock whilst indicating she should wank me as I played with her beautiful firm body.

Suddenly from behind me I heard Joan gasp, Jill shot up

looking over my shoulder and as I turned to look I heard Jill stay what have you done? We both sat up to see Joan stand up with Ron still sitting on the floor with a now limp dick, Joan had cum running down her breasts,her stomach and trailing down to her pubic hair, she was laughing at Ron and then looking at Jill said "I think he's got over excited". At this point we all started laughing as Jill chastised him for being "A naughty boy"

I couldn't wait to find out how far Ron had got with Joan

and suggested as it was late we should all go up to bed.

"What all in the same bed?"Jill asked, "Why not?,we don't have to swop if you don't want to" I replied.

Ron wanted to shag the arse off Joan,there was no doubt about that!.

Joan said "It's up to you" looking at me, Jill said nothing.

We did all go to bed,and although I wanted Jill desperately she wasn't for going all the way (on this occasion) and so we shagged our own wifes, side by side.

As I fucked Joan I listened to Jill moaning and panting by my side as Ron slipped his dick in and out of her, no doubt wishing it was Joans hot and very wet fanny he was poking, just as I was thinking the very same thought's

about Jill. After Ron and Jill had gone to sleep I slipped my hand between Jill's thighs and felt the semen gently leaking out of her velvet like fanny lips, and running between my fingers, and fell into a deep sleep.

The next night, Sunday, as we lay in bed playing with each other I asked Joan how close Ron had got to her the night before. She said "Put it in and I'll tell you". God I was

throbbing, she said he had spent some time just looking between her legs and how she had responded by playing with herself, rubbing her lips and fingering herself as he watched, he then started kissing her passionately, rubbing her tit's and tweaking her nipples while she stroked his dick gently rubbing it around the foreskin with the fingers she'd had in her fanny. He then sat astride her

with his cock lying between her tits which she wrapped around it and started to tit fuck him, she said I could feel his balls heavy on my tits, I was really excited and I was just about to take him in my mouth, (which I know she can perform beautifully) and as my lips touched him, he exploded shooting all over me. I just had to know!

"Did you want him to fuck you?" Joan just looked up at me,

"Come on tell me"---please--" Did you want him to fuck you?" There was a short silence, she smiled and replied,

--Yes. At this point I pushed deep into her streaming fanny and after two or three more heavy thrusts with lustful thoughts flowing through my imagination I shot stream after stream of hot cum deep inside of her as she

clamped her thighs hard around my waist

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