Written by Frank with Joans permission

13 Mar 2006

Because of the response to our genuine true stories posted on this site, Joan and I have resurrected our sex life to such an extent that we are sharing experiences with each other that we have never previously mentioned, However

Joan doesn't feel the need for additional partners these

day's but is quite happy for me to share our past experiences with you all.

Continuing on from where Joan had explained to me how she had lost her virginity in such sensual graphic detail.

I returned home from one of my trips away down country,

to find a pile of boxes and a couple of suitcases in the


Joan explained to me that her parents had been emptying her old bedroom out in order to decorate it and turn it in to a study.

Having been away from home for the previous four day's

I wasn't really interested, Just desperate to get her in bed and give her a good seeing to, my sexual appetite

being huge in those day's.

After sharing a bath we both got in to bed, joan dressed in my favourite baby doll pyjamas. during some serious fore-play Joan asked me if I had behaved my-self during my trip away, a question she always asked and the reply alway's being yes, just one thing being on my mind when I travelled away,getting home again as soon as possible.

I said, What about you? -- She hesitated before replying.

"Ron called in on Wednesday night, on his way back from


(I have previously mentioned our friends Ron & Jill in

Part 1.)

The immediate reaction was a heightening of my sexual tension, my mouth went dry, because I knew how desperate

he was to get Joan in to bed. ( I've got to say that my

intentions to-wards his wife Jill were mutual. )

"Did he try anything?," I managed to say hoarsley, my fertile imagination going in to overdrive, because I also knew there was a physical attraction between him and Joan.

Again Joan paused before answering.-- "Well I was making him a brew and he came in to the kitchen behind me and put his arms around me from the back and went up my jumper, pushed my bra up and started massaging my top."

I had a knot in my stomach when she told me this, also a

jealous feeling, because during our previous encounters we had agreed that any sexual going on between the four of us, should only happen when all of us were together.

"What happened then?" I asked,

"Well, I turned around quickly and the cheeky sod grabbed me and started kissing me, I must admit I did respond and then he was up my skirt and fingering me."

The only thing I could think of saying was. How many fingers?-----Did you open your legs for him?.

She repled, -- "Two, I think and yes I suppose I must have opened my Leg's -- You know what I'm like down there.

Anyway,he said, he was gong to fuck me and he put my hand on his dick and said , -- Come on Joan, get your pants down I'm fucking crazy for you."

Part of me wanted her to continue and say. -- And then he shagged the arse off me, the other part was consumed with

jealousy and I wanted to hear her say No! -- Not until we all do it to-gether. Which is precisely what she did say.

"Nothing else?," I enquired, again she paused, -- "I wanked him off, she responded, -- and I let him cum on my Thighs,

-- Honestly, It was the only way I was going to stop him

from having it in me there and then."

I vowed in my my mind at that moment, that jill was going to have me in her tight creamy fanny at the earliest opportunity.

Joan and I had a magnificent mutually gratifying fuck.

I ran her admission through my mind, as she met each

of my pulsing strokes with her pelvic thrust's, the juices

flowing from her loose, swollen fanny lips, squelching as

my throbbing dick met each thrust and all the time she looked in to my eyes, reading my lecherous thoughts and occasionally saying, "I know what your thinking about!"

The next morning,Saturday, I awoke with the usual massive hard-on and slipped my hand down between Joan's thigh's

and started sliding my fingers up and down between her

fanny lip's,keen to go over last night's sensual chat.

Joan said, "stop it sexy, save it for tonight you might need it then, don't forget were seeing Ron and Jill."

I duly went off to collect my wages from work taking

our young-un with me, Joan would go shopping and we would meet up for lunch before taking the nipper to her grand parents for Saturday night.

I will always remember this next part vividly.

It was late afternoon and Joan was upstairs sorting through her bits and pieces, retrieved from her old bedroom at her parents and I was preparing a sort of buffet supper for the later arrival of our friends, Ron and Jill. I remember Joan shouting downstairs for me to

come up. Assuming she wanted a lift with something, I finished what I was doing and duly mounted the stairs two at a time. As I reached the top I heard her say, "In here".

I opened the bedroom door and Joan was sat there on the edge of the bed, " Look what I've found", she said.

I couldn't believe what I was looking at. Joan was dressed

in her old school uniform, Blouse, Tie, green knee length skirt and even a pair of white Knee socks.

She sat there looking at me seductively, kicking her heels

backwards and forwards.

She pushed herself back on to the bed and at the same time lifted her skirt, she was even wearing a pair of school regulation panties. "Look!" she said opening her legs wide,

I could see the gusset of her pants stretch across the

width of her fanny, "Now come on, I want you to break me in all over again, just like my first time!"

I dropped my Jean's and released my aching cock from my under pants, mesmerised by this beautiful sight I crawled on to the bed and starting at the ankles kissed my way up the inside of her legs, feeling the fabric of her socks aginst my lip's as I came up to her knees and then

savouring the musky odour of her wet vagina as I continued down her thighs burying my face into the crutch of her white panties licking and sucking on the damp cotton gusset.

I came up fo air and she sat up, coming forward to take me in to her mouth,she released me and licked her lips looking at me wantonly.

Our lips came together eagerly and as we broke apart she said, "Do you want to know more?"--"There's more?" I said.

"I went back twice more to see Patrick in his hut"

Again this woman, who I loved was going to shock me with her revelations

"After the first time I was desperate to see him again, to have him fuck me again, anyway I called couple of day's later and he said I knew you would be back. I told him that I loved him but he just laughed and said he wasn't ready for settling down yet but if I could prove to him how much, he might change his mind. Of course now I know that he was only after what he could get.

I had my period at the time, but I told him he could fuck me if he really wanted to, he said no, but I'll show you another way to have fun. I just abandoned myself to him".

"Really!" I said, still in a state of sexual shock at what Joan was saying.

She pulled her blouse apart and hiked her skirt up to her

stomach,Laying back she took my hand and put it down her panties. "Imagine it's your first time with me", she said.

I buried my fingers in to her sopping fanny and she groaned

I put my face down to her tits and started to give her love bites and suck on her hardened nipples.

She groaned and continued between gasps to re-live her moments with Pat.

"He made me suck him off as he played with my breasts,

and then I had to lick him wherever he asked, his chest his thigh's his ball's, I just did what ever he asked,even when he said to lick around his bottom, it just seemed so natural and so very, very, sexy. He stopped me licking him and he went down on me and gave me a massive lovebight at the top of my thigh, just by my fanny and then he wanked him-self off and came all over my pants and thigh's".

I pulled Joans knickers down to her ankle and then pulled them back up to the top on one leg so that I could hold them as I fucked her, I spread her legs apart and looked as her fanny oozed her obvious climatic juices.

My cock slipped in to her warm, wet, pulsating lips and she held me there. " Theres more!" she said.

"I returned the day after my period ended,I knew that was the safe period, we were so lucky I didn't catch after the first time.I was dressed in my civvies, Jumper, bra ,

Tight charleston skirt,---you know that one with the frilly bit around the knee" I knew the one she meant,it showed off her bum beautifully.

"Anyway, he was there on his own again, he started kissing me as soon as I got in to the hut,I was getting better

at french kissing and I could really get him going with my tounge and sloppy kisses" at this point Joan demonstrated

what I already new, and my dick started to throb as I pulled away and looked at this schoolgirl lying beneath me.

"Well, she continued between pants, he started at my top and started to undo everything, with my help, I was gagging for him he pulled my skirt up to my waist and then dropped his jean's, he then pushed me down on to the sacks and his hands seemed to be everywhere."

"Were you enjoying it?" I stupidly asked but wanting to here her response, Joan groaned and gently moved her pelvis into my groin. ---" I Was Fucking Loving It!"

"Pat wanted to see my fanny so I slipped my panties down and took them off, he then lay down on the sacks and told me to sit on his face,I think that was when I found out what an orgasm was,I rubbed my fanny all over his face his nose, everywhere and he kept on sucking and pushing his tounge in to my fanny, he then got me to squat over his lovely cock and he was saying how he wanted to watch it go up in to me, as far as I could take it and I lowered myself down and he rubbed the tip between my lips.--

And then we heard a voice"

I just jumped up, trying to pull my skirt down but it wouldn't budge and I was stood there with my blouse open,

without my knickers,everything on show for the Park Ranger who stood in the door"

"Don't stop now" he said, "I was fucking enjoying that."

"Tell you what Pat finish her off while I have a wank and I'll keep me trap shut".

Joan said, Pat had pulled his jean's up at this point and it was obvious that he couldn't continue, "Or you can give me a wank and we'll say no more about it." I was gobsmacked, I looked down at Joan and said "Well?" I could feel myself approaching shooting point inside her.

"I wanked him", she said "And I may as well tell you, I let him finger me while I did it and He shot his load into my knickers."

"God how did it feel?" I asked Joan replied " I tried not to think about it at first,but when I looked across at Pat I was shocked to see him wanking himself off as he watched me wanking the Parky and he was crouching down to look

at my fanny as the parky fingered me and if I'm Honest it turned me on, being watched.

When they had both finished I asked for my pant's back, but he wouldn't give them to me. "Souvenir" He said,

"And if you want Pat to keep his job you'd better keep away." I never went back and I heard that Pat moved on shortly afterwards.

Joan wrapped her legs around my waist and said "fuck me please" and I did.