Written by Frank with Joans permission

30 Jun 2006

This is a continuation of our sexual exploits during the

sixties and early seventies. all these stories are 100%

true and you should start at part one in order to fully

understand how it started. Frank & Joan.

Nine months had passed and the Saturday night sessions

had stopped after I had got Jill pregnant, unknown to Ron,

who thought that he had been getting away with shagging Joan on the quiet.

I had continued my affair with Jill up until she was six months pregnant but she stopped the sex with both Ron and I at that point. Ron had continued to call in on Joan

when I was working away, and sometimes he had got very near to fucking her again, and I don't know, perhaps he did, although Joan used to give me all the graphic details in bed at night she always mainteined that she had stopped him before it went all the way, preferring to wait for me to respond to hearing how she had let him lick her out

to the point of orgasm and how she would hold his prick at the lips of her fanny and rub his throbbing bell end agaist

it until he exploded covering her in spunk.

As you will have previously read, I had watched Ron shag the arse off Joan through the window at the back of our house, unknown to both of them at the time, I had also listened as he fucked her upstairs in our bed whilst I was

fucking his wife Jill downstairs on the studio couch, but

I still had the burning desire to watch him fuck Joan as

I watched at close quarters. Joan knew of my desire,but said if it was to happen it would be much better if it was

spontaneous rather than planned and to wait until the situation arose, which it would,if it was ever going to happen.

Ron and I had been for a few pint's in Blackpool one Friday night,as usual the talk had been mostly about sex as we stood at the bar watching the girls and discussing

what kind of underwear they had on and who was going to get a good seeing to at the end of the night.

We walked back to my house after last orders, Ron deciding he would ring for a cab to take him the three miles home,

after a quick brew.

We went in quietly, not wanting to disturb Joan who I expected to be in bed, she wasn't.

Joan was laying on the studio couch wearig her dressing

gown fast asleep,or so she appeared.

I went into the kitchen to put the kettle on and waited for it to boil, I peeked into the back room and noticed she had shifted, Ron was sat in an armchair staring at

Joan so intently he didn't even notice me, I made the tea and quietly walked into the room putting the drinks down on the coffee table, Ron looked at me and grinned, nodding his head towards Joan.

Joan had lifted her knees and parted her thighs, her dressing gown had slipped open giving Ron a complete view of her freshly shaven fanny, I could see the bulge in Ron's trousers and immediately got stiff myself, I knew what was going through his mind, and I knew what I wanted to happen.

I went behind the couch and slipped my hands into the top of her dressing gown and cupped her tits running my fingers around her nipples feeling them respond and hardening to my touch,at the same time I nodded to Ron

who moved across to the couch looking at me as I indicated

with my eyes towards her fanny.

Joan opened her eyes and looked up at me just at the point that Ron put his head between her thighs and started to lap away at her pink fanny lips making long strokes with his tounge,opening them up so that her labia came into view

and started to swell and unfold like the petals of a flower

to the touch of his tounge.

Joan gasped and said "I didn't know you were both here".

I looked down at her and said,"Do you mind?----Ron's desperate, Jill hasn,t let him near her since the baby was born". She opened her legs wide and gasped --- "Ron first, --- just do what you want----please, please fuck me!".

Ron's mouth and face was covered in her slick juices, I opened her gown fully, exposing her body and full breasts.

He traced his tounge up over her stomach up to her tits and took each nipple in turn into his mouth and then up to her mouth and kissed her hard forcing his tounge between her lips as she responded to him moaning and panting, her own hand trying to release his cock from his trousers.

Ron stood up,his mouth open wide, undoing his belt he unzipped and dropped them to the floor,lust and desire

written all over his face, he stripped off completely

and I looked at his swollen prick, which seemed to be enormous and dripping with his pre-cum.

I for myself, was completely lost in the moment, I lifted the back of the couch and pulled it, collapsing it into a fullsize double bed, Joan shuffled herself backwards and lay there as Ron knealt between her wide spread legs,his hands went behind her knees and he lifted them towards her shoulders, her wet open fanny was exposed and I wanked myself gently as I lustfully watched my wife reach down and fed his hot red cock into her, gasping as it slid all the way in to her velvet lined cunt.

Ron ravished her, his hands all over her,his bollocks slapping her wet arse with every thrust,I marvelled at

the sight of her ecstatic expressions as she orgasmed and the glimpses of his dick coming out covered in her creamy

white cum, she looked up at me,eyes glazed and licked her lips,I leant forward and kissed her passionately her arms around my kneck and then she pulled away sharply her body stiffening and she groaned loudly as Ron unloaded copious amounts of spunk deep into the innermost parts of her

swollen cunt.

I couldn't wait,as soon has Ron had lifted himself from her

I lay down on the couch my dick solid and throbbing and

Joan straddled me.

Those of you who have experienced a moment like this will understand the feelings you have as your dick enters a cum filled fanny, and especially if it is the fanny belonging to the woman you love and are married to.

The slackness of her cunt and the view as your prick is released on each upward move, drenched in some other guy's cum is probably the most erotic thing you can ever experience.

Joans fanny audibly squelched with every move, and I could feel Ron's cum starting to cover my pubic area as Joan's

loose lips made contact,she slid her hand down and rubbed

it into my stomach and then toyed with her clitoris as she watched me going into exctasy, Just the look of wanton

lust on her face made me push my pelvis up as she came down hard and I let go, pumping every ounce of spunk up her well used cunt, as far as I could get it.

Joan climbed off and stood there naked cum running down her inner thighs, she looked at us both and said, "Not a

word to anybody!--- ok?".

I spent every opportunity, whilst shagging Joan, trying to get her to tell me her innermost thoughts and feelings of

how she had felt during that crazy session, and I am still trying.

PS if there are any horny couples out there who would like to hep me re-live any of these true stories please let me know.

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