Written by Wolfman

16 Jan 2007

The following weekend, after persistent phone calls the preceding week, I travelled down to their cottage.

He met me at the station, advising me that it was about a mile walk to the cottage. I found the walk quite pleasant but George had to stop continually to get his breath. Arriving at the cottage I was quite stunned but the greeting from his wife introduced as Caroline. She threw her arms about me, pressing her firm breasts into my chest. It was as though we had known each other all our lives.

She was really very attractive, even more so than the photograph he showed me much earlier. We got on fine and the walk to the village pub that evening was one of the best nights I had ever had.

Back at the cottage she said she was going to bed, George said he would be up later. We were both the worse for drink but not drunk and he asked me to give him a hand job as it would help him sleep.

It didn’t take very long to bring him off but only after I had exposed myself which he fondled in the hopes it would rise up. He wasted his time.

I was awoken in the morning by him holding a cup of tea. He sat on the bed and whispered, “I’ve left our bedroom door open so that you’ll be able to see my wife getting dressed. If you peer through the door jamb you will see the large dressing table mirror, in it you can see the other side of the door, that’s where she will stand to get dressed.

“You up here George, have you taken your friend up a cup of tea yet”?

“Yes love, just done it”.

“Look, look, look, she getting out of bed” he hissed.

Sure enough she sat up, slide her legs over the side of the bed and stretched. The pale pink nightdress pulled across her breasts causing my cock to stir. Both George and I watched her every move.

When she pulled her nightdress up over her head I saw her firm breasts clearly and my cock gave a jump under the sheets that I suddenly felt being pulled down from my body. Oh my God she was pulling on her knickers, they were the old fashioned type with elasticated legs and a deep rose colour. Georges mouth slipped over my cock as I watched her fondle her breasts via the mirror. When she leaned forward it caused her knickers to pull tightly around her shapely bottom and I came, almost spoiling the whole affect as George choked on my cock.

“You alright in there George”?

“Yes, some of his tea went down the wrong hole” I called out. George was holding his chest and grinning like a Cheshire cat.

Later that morning George had to go out laving me alone with Caroline his wife. It was during the morning coffee that I realised she was showing more via her slightly parted thighs than would be normal. I could see both knicker legs, the tight elastic cutting into her firm thighs and I began to get an errection. When she went to put her cup on the table her legs parted briefly almost causing me to groan with the excitement of such a lovely sight. She seem to notice what she had done and blushed.

“Sorry about that, not the sort of thing to do in front of a widower is it”? and smiled. “I’m afraid I feel guilty in a way due to George’s medical problem and I guess making little revelations helps him a little although I have to do it for him”.

She was blushing and blushed even more when I said, “But what about yourself, surely you must have needs”?

With her face and neck a deep shade of pink she replied, “Well what do you do now”? Which caused me to blush a little.

She stood up and came and stood in front of me and in a soft whisper she said, “I want you to fuck me”.

For a moment I was stunned and as I pondered on what she had just said she began to slowly lift up her dress. I watched mesmerised as both knicker legs of her knickers came into view and my cock responded, quickly pushing against the fabric of my pants. My hands on the other hand had a mind of their own and with one behind each of her knees she leaned forward and our mouths locked together in one of the most passionate kisses I had ever experienced. I sensed she was pushing her knickers down when the silky material covered both my hands. Breaking free I stood up, unfastened my belt and let my pants fall around my ankles. She turned her back to me, pushing her knickers further down her legs and leaned forward over the back of the armchair and spread her legs. When I saw her puffy cunt that finished me. Slipping into her was a sensation I hadn’t experienced in a while and as she began to softly moan, moans that suddenly grew in volume we both blasted off. She actually used her inner virginal mussels to continually stimulate my still hard cock and I found myself wanting her again. Holding her soft smooth hips I began to work up a rhythm and she responded in kind making her inner mussels work around my cock. With the juices from her arousal and my first organism the sensation was out of this World and I found myself crying out that I was going to cum again. With one huge thrust against me she cried out in a scream and I knew she had cum also.

Withdrawing from her was with some regret but suddenly I though about George and when he would return and I suddenly felt very guilty. I think she sensed my feelings.

“Oh don’t you worry about George, why do you think he went out in the first place. He’s been asking me all night what I thought of you and asked if I fancied you, now you have the answer” and she smiled as she pulled her knickers up.

When George arrived after lunch that day he and Caroline went into a huddle in the kitchen and from her shoulder movements she was giving him a hand job. I was pleased as well as being slightly aroused since I knew he wouldn’t be bothering me since I was now barren of the seed.

Sunday saw us wandering through the fields on a bright sunny afternoon. She was between us, an arm linked in each of our own. We walked through a small wood then in a clearing we stopped. Caroline squatted on the dry ground then to my amazement George dropped his pants and standing astride Caroline he thrust his hard cock at her. She smiled at me then opening her mouth she took his cock in all the way and I watched in some embarrassment as he fucked her mouth. Caroline had raised her knees and I saw all the way to her pink nylon panties. She wore no stockings. With a grunt George ended his oral fuck and Caroline wiped her mouth and looked at me.

“Go on, don’t just stand there, she wants you to fuck her”. Georges statement was all the prompting I needed.

I got down between her open thighs and helped her remove her panties then I struggled out of my pants and was in her like a buck rabbit. I felt Georges hand under my crotch caressing my jerking balls that added to the moment, but I was determined that this would last longer than the first time.

George by this time had removed his hand and Caroline was moaning softly between our pressed lips.

Suddenly I sensed George kneeling beside us. Breaking free from Caroline’s mouth I saw he was tossing off with Caroline’s panties. The sight caused a momentous eruption between Caroline and myself and in that moment two splashes of George’s sperm struck my bare hip and George was fighting for his breath, the now soaked panties lay on the ground.

When we had all recovered, for Caroline continued to neck and her soft whispers did little to calm my ardour. It seems she wanted me to stop over but I had a job to go to but I promised I would visit again.

George when he got me alone thanked me for pleasing Caroline. “Had it been me it would have finished me for good”.

Naturally there were many visits until George went beyond oral pleasures and died during intercourse.

For personal reasons the outcome will remain un published. But all ended as good stories sometimes do.