Written by Gerald Manning

14 Aug 2006

Now I had been able to fuck the MIL she was not happy at the way we did it on the kitchen table and had , now for five weeks, been sulking about the way I had ´taken advantage of her `, she accused me of taking her at a moment of terrible weakness. She had agreed to hand sex but not full penetration which was adultery.

Not even a wank for 5 weeks now.

She had intervened at a moment two months prior and had been sympathic to the fact that my wife was just frigid since our second son was born.

The MIL was blanking me and was adamant that my fucking her had been a pre conceived idea.

I found my sex with her a great turn on and I kept thinking of the way she had wanked a few weeks back,and then catching her in her undies and getting into her that way in the kitchen.

I had to do something to win her back to wanting to help me.

My FIL was a keen fisherman and took my two boys to the coast for a weekend and the wife voluntered to go as well.

MIL had a big bingo night on the Saturday and had to stay home. Luckily she was nervous about being alone and I went to stay there with her.

Once the others had gone she made it perfectly clear that she was very disappointed with me and hoped that I had no more ideas of any kind of sex again with her. It had been an accident and was past.

She had loved it and I knew she had.

She left for her bingo night, well dressed and looking very fuckable indeed.

I knew she would have some drinks there and I had plotted to pretend to be asleep on the sofa when she got home.

I would have my bathrobe half on and let her see my cock in sleeping mode.

I drank one Vodka and Tonic and left the glass and bottles on the coffee table appearing that I had drunk at least a few vodkas and fallen asleep.

The tv was on and I heard her saying goodbye to friends in the taxi that brought her home.

I heard the key in the door and was ready, robe open, no shorts, just a lovely thick dick enjoying some freedom.

She called from the hall, while removing her coat, I was asleep , so no answer.

She came into the lounge and saw the bottles and glass and then saw me. My eyes were open just the tiniest fraction and I could see her gaping at my dick.

She called my name again and I didn´t move at all.

´Been at the bottle have we`was what she said.

´Well I can have a drink as well` and she went to get a fresh glass.

She poured her drink and sat in an armchair in front of me and I knew she has a full view of my cock and balls.

She took two big gulps of vodka and came to kneel in front of me.

She sat on her haunches and had her face about a foot away from my dick, looking straight at it.

She put a hand on the arm of the sofa for support and leant down and kissed my cock head.

I could not believe this. This was a wild dream. She then picked up the head of my dick with her lips and took it into her hot mouth.

It grew instantly and filed her mouth. She then put a hand under her dress and started fingering her cunt.

Her head was bobbing up and down and I had to groan and I did.

She knelt back and reached behind her neck and undid her dress zip. She slipped her dress off and knelt there in her bra and a waist slip.

She got hold of my dick with her mouth again and started bobbing her head and fingering her cunt.

I moved slightly to the edge of the sofa and grabbed the hand on her cunt and rolled onto the floor.

I got her panties off, no complaints, and sat her on my face. I was going to eat her cunt and suck her clit until it was as big as my dick.

She just loved it. Leaning forward and sucking my dick she spat her love juice into my mouth and groaned.

She came again and again into my mouth and then we changed position. I went to kneel behind her and arranged my dick head just at her cunt lips and pushed him all the way in.

What a lovely hot cunt this was.

We then fucked for about 20 minutes and she came at least three times.

I had her tits in my hands a one stage and then leant back and kept looking at the little brown bumhole in front of me.

Could I.

More to cum, I´m sure.