Written by Dave

6 Oct 2003

Im 48 years old and have been around quiet a bit shagging all over the uk because I work away alot. Ive put ads on sites like this to meet up with girls so I can shag them and usually lots of responses. Ive had gang bangs and even shagged three 18 year old girls at the same time and watched them on each other too.

Well three months ago after shagging Mel outside a pub I had never had a fuck like it. she was 19 and a dirty little minx she was wearing a low cut top and short denim skirt with high boots her tits were big and she had no bra on so when she walked you could see them moving around what a fucking turn on. She went outside with my mate to start with and he fucked her up the arse. When they came back in she came up to me and told me her mates had bet her that she couldnt shag two older men in one night, well her luck was in.

I took her back outside and told her I needed to see her tits so she lifted up her top and yeah I was right they were round big and firm with massive nipps. she pulled out my cock and started wanking me i just held on to them tits and boy did she wank on me I come all over her going over her tits and stomach. she smiled and back in the pub we went. My mates were all teasing and asked if she was a good ridse. I told them she had magnificent tits and I wanked over them. Before I new it she came back over and sat in the middle of us all her skirt was so short it was right up so you could see her white panties of course I was throbbing for her again and sitting with six men who were all gagging to fuck this slag. She was teasing and rubbing cocks under the table and letting the men put there hands up her skirt and in her knickers before we new it her tits were out of her top and one of the guys had his mouth round her nipple. We then got slung out along with Mel and her two mates who were very large girls.

We invited them back to our hotel and Mel was up for it of course but her mates were not and left.

I new then I had to take care of her and told the guys to go easy with her. But she new exactly what she wanted out of us I watched all six of them shag her arse with cocks in her mouth, come all over her face, tits and arse she was loving it and covered in spunk from head to toe. She was one dirty little slag but loved cock and plenty of it. I took her by the hand into a seperate bedroom and we made love on the bed, I shagged her gently and kissed her until she come all over my cock.

She showered and gave me her mobile number but then turned round and gave the other six guys her number also and a card, then told us if were ever in town again give her a call.

It then dawned on me this girl was a slag we just had her for free.

The guys went back to Swansea three weeks later and they rang Mel up she met them and this time ten guys all had her and her large mate at the same time. I had more respect for her.