Written by David

14 Jul 2006

Cathy and me were married almost two years ago and some say that I stole her away from her boyfriend. I didn't think that was true, but Cath admitted that she was bored and needed a change.

We got married when she was eighteen and I was twenty five. She wears the sort of clothes to show off most of her sexy body, short skirts, see through blouses, high heels, stockings etc, and is always flirting with friends and strangers alike.

Cath and I fantasised a lot and got off on having a ten inch plus cock punishing her hot little body. Nothing happened until a month ago when we were searching for a new house. Hoping to get the price down, Cath wore a short strappy dress that almost covered her hot arse, high heels and nothing else.

I wasn't sure why, because it wasn't up to the estate agent to lower the price, it was up to the owner. We had a couple of drinks before going to see the house, but on the way, I noticed that Cath was very boyant.

I new that this wasn't quite her and asked if she was alright. She admitted that she had had a 'smoke' before getting herself ready and that she was ready to 'go to war.'

When we arrived at the house, we met Alan the agent who took his time showing us round the house. I was impressed by his sales patter and was all for saying that we would take it, but Cath kept picking holes in everything.

As we were shown the main bedroom, Cath inspected everything and as her skirt rode up over her thighs, Alan and I couldn't help noticing that she had left her panties off. She caught us staring at her a few times and when she asked if the king sized bed went with the house and was told that it could be arranged, Cath jumped onto it. She smiled and said that perhaps it should be tried and tested if we were to say yes to the purchase!

I was surprised to say the least, even more so when she invited us to join her on the bed. Alan looked lost and tried to protest, but Cath said that he was to get the house down by a couple of thousand, but was willing to negotiate.

I nodded for Alan to join my wife and as he did, I noticed that he had a very large erection straining aginst his trousers. Cath ordered him to lie down and stroking his erection with one hand unzipped him. She had some difficulty getting his thick cock out and even I had to gasp at the size of the thing!

Cath smiled at me before lowering her pretty mouth and taking his length between her lips. She knelt on the bed beside him, her skirt up over her waist and her wet cunt on show. Getting onto the bed beside her, I released my own prick and got between her thighs.

I heard her moan over her new found frinds cock as I entered her hot cunt and began fucking her. Cath rocked against my balls and between mouthfuls told me that she wanted to take Alan home for a weekend of fucking.

Alan nodded his head in agreement and after a lot of sucking, Cath finally got him to cum into her mouth. As soon as I saw him explode, I filled my wifes cunt with my own cum.

A few minutes later, we got dressed and Alan promised us that he would go back to the seller and give him our bid. We gave him our address and phone number and he said that he would be round within the next three hours with his clothes and the answer from the seller.

When Cath and I got home, we went to bed and fucked for over an hour at what she had done. Cath was still buzzing and said sod the house, all she wanted was to get hold of Alan's big cock again. She went into great details of how she was going to fuck him and how she wanted it captured it on film.

Both of us shared a smoke to get us even more horny and as we waited for Alan to arrive, Cath admitted that I had a couple of friends that she was more than intrested in and why not invite them round one night?

I was all for it and realised just what a horny wife I had. Thankfully, because of Cath we got the house. Cath had Alan time and time again. She is also fucking a few of my frinds on a regular basis which is fun for all of us.

If anyone has a better wife who is willing to fuck and suck as hard and as often as Cath does, I would love to meet her.