Written by Kathy

4 Mar 2005

About four years ago my hubby and I had our first holiday on our own away from the kids, we were in our mid forties and had a week away in Malta.

We are certainly not swingers and had never 'cheated' on each other, we had been looking forward to the holiday for months and as it drew nearer my hubby urged me to buy sexy tops and revealing swimwear, he would often fantasise about us having sex in the view of others.

Well on our second evening at our hotel I was approached by a male in his late fifties, this man who I shall call Bob stated that he had been watching me all day whilst bathing around the pool and out of the blue asked if there was any chance of seeing me totaly naked.

i was shocked at his request but also slightly turned on, I didn't dare tell my hubby as he is the jelous type and would of hit Bob straight off, I declined Bob's request but told him that I would thimk about it.

The next day we were sat around the hotel pool and just after mid-day Bob appeared with a woman also in her 50's, they posisitioned there loungers next to ours and Bob attemted to make polite conversation with my hubby and I as if he had not spoke to us before.

I was a little nervous to say the least but strangely turned on by the whole charade.

At around 3pm my husband said he had just about had enough of the sun and was going to go back to our room for a nap, I declined to accompany him knowing full well that what I wanted was to tease Bob.

More or less straight after my hubby had gone and while bobs wife was swimming in the pool Bob began to compliment me on my figour and made several remarks about my bum and tit's, I told him that they looked much better in the flesh,quietly Bob asked me to go topless I thought 'fuck it' and decided to treat my dirty old admirer, I removed my top revealing my large tits, Bob pretended not to be looking and several times he would pull his hat over his eyes but I could feel his gaze bearing onto me.

I was extreamly turned on by now mainly through a result of the alcohol I had taken on board and what I did next will remain with me forever, I turned on my side to face Bob who was no more than 6 foot away and when his wife was at the far end of the pool I parted my legs and pulled my bikini bottoms to the side revealing my pussy lips to Bob I then placed my finger in my wet pussy and began to rub my clit, Bob's face was a picture, I then lay back down as if nothing had happened, within seconds Bob moved onto his side and pulled his shorts to one side to reveal the fattest cock I have ever seen, it wasn't hard but nice and fat with a large helmet, as soon as I saw it I knew I wanted it.

Moments later I stood up and put my top back on, I began to collect my things bending over infront of Bob to ensure he got a good eyefull of my bum, as I turned to face him I winked at him and indicated towards the shower rooms,

I entered the showers which had a male and a female booth and within seconds I became aware of someone outside the door, I let the door swing open and saw Bob stood there just in his shorts carrying a towel, Bob moved into the showere and turned off the taps he then began to grope me squeezing my bum and rubbing my nipples, I said to him 'just fuck me quick' Bob turned me around pulled my bikini to one side and attempted to push his fat cock inside me, his cock was semi hard and he was having trouble getting it into me so i bent right over grabbed his cock and guided him in, he pumped away like a train and within 30 seconds he came inside me grabbing my hips as he shot the final sperts up my pussy.

Bob left the showere and I continued to wash trying desperately to clean myself up.

i returned to my room and hubby was awake and feeling horny he lay me down and began to lick me out, just minutes before a fat cock had filled me up, I faked my orgasm as i usually do then hubby banged one into me topping up my spunk level.

That night we went for a walk around the local town I couldnt get out of my head what I had done with Bob, in a stange way despite feeling guilty I wanted to do it again but that never occurred.