Written by Hillfolk

15 Mar 2006

Many years ago as a young wife living in a small village, I was invited to my first Ann Summers party. Feeling devilish, I accepted the invite.

I told Mr Hilly that I would be out that evening and could he be around to look after the boys, to which he gladly agreed. He of course asked me where I was going as it was not my regular night out.

I casually mentioned that I had been invited to an Ann Summers party and that I would like to go. He of course was shocked but obviously curious as to why I wanted to attend. I didn’t really have a particular reason for needing to purchase anything, I just thought it would be rude not to attend, as we were incomers to this village, I thought it might help break down social barriers with the locals…. (well that was my excuse at the time ;o))

The night soon came around, so off I went, leaving Mr Hilly with his remote control and a can of his favourite beer and skipped along to the local pub. The party was being held in a private room at the back.

The crowd were a mixed bunch of women, ranging from middle aged housewives, singles and of course people like myself, just curious. The demonstrator started the games, etc…. and show us her wares, I needn’t elaborate on this, cos I am sure all you ladies out there have attended at least one in your life.

Moving swiftly on, I didn’t buy any of the vibrators, or toys or underwear, I purchased a book entitled “why men don’t get enough sex and women don’t get enough love” which is still on my bookshelf today. Mr Hilly was naturally curious to see what I had bought, so I showed him said book. The look of amusement, and relief that I had not bought home a huge vibrator that was going to usurp him from his favourite armchair at night was apparent.

We read some of the book and quickly learned a lot from it. After which, we used the book to prop the headboard up so as not to frighten the kids or neighbours.

Mr and Mrs Hilly, still doing for and with each other 24 years on.