Written by Gordon

22 Aug 2005

We had often talked about having sex with other people but up until a few weeks ago it had just been a fantasy, that all changed when we went away to a country house with a couple of friends.

We had been out to the local pub for a meal and a few drinks and when we returned to the house we had a couple more drinks. Alison said she was tired and was off to bed and I did the same about ten minutes later that left my wife, Tania, and my mate Doug who said they were just finishing their drinks and they would follow.

I awoke some time later and went to the toilet and while I was there Tania came in and said that she had been naughty, I asked her how naughty and she said she had been very naughty and had let Doug fuck her.

Of course I had to have all the details so she told me that Doug had said he was going to the garden for a last cigarette and would she like to join him. As she passed him he flicked her bra open so she turned towards him saying that was naughty and with that he pushed her top and bra up and began playing with her nipples. He then asked her if she would suck his cock, as Alison wouldn’t, so she knelt in front of him and got his rock hard cock out and began to give him a good sucking (which she is very good at). She stopped short of him spunking in her mouth and stood up and with his help removed her trousers. He bent her over and positioning his cock between her shaven, very moist, cunt lips eased himself into my gorgeous wife. He could only last half a dozen deep thrusts before he was telling Tania that he was about to come so she forced herself back against his thrusts and took all his hot spunk. They got dressed and Tania said she couldn’t believe what they had just done.

All the time she had been telling me her tale my cock was fit to burst so I led her back to bed and lying on my back told her to squat over my face and sure enough I could see a little of Doug’s cum oozing between her fanny lips so I got my tongue to work and licked all his spunk out of my wife’s sopping cunt. I then told her I was going to replace his juices with some of my own and then proceeded to give her the hardest fucking, doggy style, that she has ever had (at least to my knowledge).