Written by Happy Hubby

7 Dec 2004

As detailed before Tara is a beautiful brunette with massive 36gg tits and a sexy round ass. Her previous experience of sucking off me and another guy in a booth and letting us cum on her tits had really set her mind in motion. Tara had always hinted that she wanted to try a threesome with another woman and wanted to taste another womans pussy and also experience sucking tits. After the previous events she wanted to put the next plan into action. I will tell at a later stage her other expeience in Portugal after a night drinking and shagging in some bushes. We was in Amsterdam and watching girls strip in a booth and a guy and girl fuck. Before I knew it Tara was sucking my cock and rubbinhg her tits on my stiff cock. The girl putting on the show came to the window and looked down at me receiving a blow job I quickly asked Tara to stand up and show her tits so the woman could see it was a woman blowing me. The lady smiled and said carry on whilst rubbing her tits and pussy. She theN indicated to go to a booth and request a personal show. This we did. The woman in question was south american with pert tits say 34 b and about 5ft 3in witha nice arse. On entering the booth she stripped and started playing with her tits and pussy. I was rock hard and started to play with Tara's big tits sucking and squeezing her bullet like nipples. Tara was a bit aprehensive but soon got into things by unzipping by jeans and sucking me giving a good view to the other party.

Her pussy was wet and I stood Tara up and began fingering her pussy which was dripping and then lowered myself and began licking and sucking her pussy. I looked up to see she was licking her lips and playing with her tits. With that she said she wanted to suck the other womans tits nad play with her. I asked if this was possible and with that the booth doors seperating us opened and the woman started kissing Tara. Tara's response was immediate and I stood back and wanked whilst watching their hands explore each and their tongues lick and french kiss. Tara was lying back against a wall whilst having her big tits sucked and her pussy rubbed and fingered. The moans and gasps of pleasure were loud and sensual, before long she was having her pussy licked which made her shudder. I walked over and sucked her tits as she wanked me. It wasn't long before Tara laid her back and started to suck the other womans tit and then lower herself and lick pussy for the first time which she seemed to enjoy. I stood behind Tara and started to fuck her whilst she licked pussy. She was bucking back and forth licking and fingering then the woman let out a shrill of pleasure as she cum in Tara's mouth. She knelt in front of Tara and sucked her tits and made her way down to her pussy licking her whilst I fucked her and I could feel her tongue on my cock and Taras pussy. Within seconds Tara began to scream as she cum and i could feel my own climax about to happen. They both knelt in front of me as I wanked over their tits and face, watching them kiss passionately. We told the woman were we were staying and said to contact us if she wanted to have further escapades especailly with a male freind as we had not tried a foursome, as I would like to fuck Tara whilst she sucked cock and a woman played with her. Further adventures too follow.