Written by comp

9 Feb 2006

My girlfriend and I admitted our relationship had become mundane and decided to both write something down that would spice up our lives, especially sexually. To our surprise we both came up with role play, mine was for me to pretend I was a door to door salesman and her to be a lonely housewife, however she wasnt happy with that. She wanted a total role reversal. I would be the woman and she would be the man, I was not sure about this.

On the night in question I had to put on a bra, panties, stockings and suspenders and a black dress, if im honest I got a bit of a hard on just getting the gear on, in another room she was putting on one of my suits.

I then went and sat on the sofa, she joined me shortly after. She had to do all the chatting up and I played hard to get, I was enjoying not showing any interest. Eventually she made progress and asked whether she could kiss me, I agreed. As we kissed she tried to put her hand on my bra that was padded with socks, I pushed her away, screaming Im not that sort of girl.

Eventually we were snogging like we had just met, I felt her hand go on my knee and slowly start to work its way up the dress, my cock was bulging with excitement, however I put my hand on my leg and stopped her. This went on for quite a while before I eventually let her get to the panties, by now my cock was poking over the top of them.

I in turn ran my hand up her trouser leg and rubbed her crutch, although I have done this hundreds of times the fact she was wearing my suit made it a real turn on. "I want you" she wispered in my ear. I played hard to get again. Eventually we both stood and started to undress each other, by the time I was only wearing the stockings, suspenders and panties I wanted to shoot my load. I had her down to the boxer shorts. I ignored her tits as she was supposed to be a bloke.

Suddenly she whipped the boxers down and ordered me to go down on her, I looked shocked but she ordered me down, I ran my tongue up and down her lips and then opened them with my finger to find her clit, my tongue was now working on it, she was saying "Not like that, not like that" I worked harder with my tongue.

She pulled me up and we started snogging, I tried to push her shoulders so she would go down on me, she resisted, but eventually gave in and dropped to her knees, she pulled down my panties releasing my cock. "Suck it" I said, she took it in her hand, looked up and said "Im not going anywhere near that".

With this we got onto the sofa and were snogging again, I was desperate for her to grab hold of my cock, her hands were all over my crutch but kept missing my cock, I though my balls were going to explode, "I cant find it" she said moving her hands all around my cock but not actually touching it, I took her hand and led her to it. She pulled to hard, hurting me, I yelped "Sorry was I to rough" she said smiling. We kissed again and then she whispered in my ear "I want you", I moved from the sofa and lay on the floor, my cock standing to attention. She lowered herself onto me and my cock slid inside her. She bounced up and down very quickly on my cock and I was really loving it, she got faster and faster and then suddenly got off. My cock was throbbing for more, she lay on the floor laughing and saying "that was great", she then rolled over and pretended to go to sleep leaving me frustrated.

Later that night we had the best shagging session ever, she said it didnt reflect my sexual encounters with her, but how most blokes treat sex.

Next week im going to be the door to door salesman.