Written by andy

24 Jun 2004

Hi well where to begin , I was a caretaker years ago at a school & in the big summer hols I was working in 1 classroom.

The teacher in that class was a young 28 year old woman, not a stunner but small & pitete, Ill call her honey, well I had had a crush on her for as long as I had been there.

So it was a shock when in walked honey,she said she needed some stuff for a project she was working on .

Anyway she had on a bikini top a pair of short shorts,and sandalls.

she looked great with her pert tits sticking out & I could not help but stare at her,well she stood in front of me & just said well what are you staring at, I did not know where to put my face & said I am trully sorry but you look like a vision in that outfit.

At that she asked if we were alone in the school & I assured her we were, she then said to me go & lock the front main door ,with the thought of what was she planning in my mind off I went to doas I was asked.

When I returned to the classroom I was greeted with honey giving me a french kiss.

well you can imagine my response to this I went at her like a devil, hands feeling her as ,i was helped out of my tee shirt & given the pleasure of my goddess making her way into my shorts.

She stepped back to look me in the eyes 7 smiled as she said who s a naughty boy then ,at that I asked her if she was sure what she was doing as she was married & I did not want to ruin that for her.

She assured me that she was sure & wrapped her arms around my neck & stuck her tongue down my throat & her legs around my waist ,I was in heaven so I took her bikini top off to suck & squeeze her titties the nipps were like organ stops in my mouth & she said not to stop as she was cumming .

I reached down to her ass & gave it a squeeze & that took her over the top ,she was putty in my hands & she said what a way to cum.

I then asked her if she intended to go any further,& she sank to her knees & pulled my shorts down,mmmmmmmmm nice cock she said & took the whole length down her throat.

I grabbed her head & fucked her mouth until I spunked in her throat & she swallowed it all .

At that we went on kissing & undressing until we were both naked ,what a site she was I got a stiffy as soon as I saw her cute little part shaved pusy & could not wait to go down on her , she asked me to lick her ass too so I did ,I put my tongue in her pussy & then all the way in her ass,she was then in the 69 & giving me another great BJ.

I was so carried away that I pushed a little too far down her throat & she gagged ,so I posissioned myself between her legs & with 1 push I was up to my nuts in her cute cunny.

She wrapped her legs around me & i slipped a finger in her ass & she gave a sigh that said more ,so I pulled out of her cunny & pushed it against her ass hole, she stopped me at that & said she was a ass virgin & her hubby would not do anal, imagian that you get a woman like this offering her ass to you & saying no .

Well I kissed her pushed my tonue in her mouth & pushed my cock in her ass ,there was a bit of resistance but not a great deal,& I took my time to go in all the way I was not gonna forget a second of this fuck .

Honey then said to me can we stop I want to turn over ,so as i withdrew my cock, she turned over & I got my 1st view of her ass,at that I was back on target & she said to me do it hard ,make me cum .

so I pulled back & forced with all my might into her tight ass,honey let out a sharp sigh & right there came & sobbed at the same time .

she said to fuck her ass as hard as I could & to cum in her tight virgin as ,so that was a invitation that I was not gonna let slip ,so I really went at her she was screaming for me to fuck her ass & cum ,& that is just what I did my cum felt like it was gonna knock her from under me .

honey cum again & we lay there for a age me still up her ass & her underneath me we kissed & then she started to move under me & we fucked again this time we took our time .

and that was the way to spend a perfect afternoon , until later honey got dressed & left me with her panties that i still have in my locker at work .

We have fucked a few times since ,but she always wants me to finnish in her ass,it is like my bit of honey,so that s how life is , thank you honey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.