Written by Pam

21 Dec 2003

Mike had to spend quite a few weeks away on business last summer and I found that I really missed him fucking him. I tried watching a few porn videos and using the toys we had, but it just didn’t seem to satisfy me fully. I was just feeling horny the whole time.

I talked things over with Mike the next time he phoned me, explaining exactly how I felt and he suggested that perhaps the only way I was going to be completely satisfied was to sleep with someone I met on the Internet. He told me to be very careful if I was going to do this, as we had only ever attempted it before with him there to ensure my safety. To me it didn't really matter who he was, as long as I found him attractive. He just had to have a hard cock and a lot of stamina.

I became quite exited at the prospect of what I was going to do, and it took a almost a full week of surfing and chatting on the net looking for a guy, over two hours dressing and undressing, and every bit of courage I have to finally

do it, but it was wonderful. He was over ten years younger than me, but I didn't care. I'd spent too long preparing for my first meeting to worry that he was a little young. In fact it proved to be a real advantage, as he was able to keep it up almost endlessly. At one point I thought he must have a twin and switched places when I had my eyes closed. In short, I think that a 32 year old woman with and 19 year old guy is a really good match.

The encounter started out with us arranging to meet on the Thursday at a night club. It was a small club called Josephine’s in the centre of Sheffield. It had quite a nice friendly feel about the place with just a small dance floor and plenty of cozy corners to hide away in.

It was quite busy and I looked around imagining that I might be the oldest woman there, but was pleasantly surprised by the varied age range of the other clubbers. As soon as we met and got our drinks, we went straight into a semi private comer where we could sit and talk. I was genuinely attracted to him right from the start. He was good looking and seemed to be considerate and polite and it didn't even seem too strange that we had discussed over the Internet how I would love it if he sucked on my nipples while fucking me as hard as he could.

I could tell that he was a little bit awkward at first and he admitted to me that he had not really done this kind of thing before, but he soon relaxed after a couple of drinks and we talked as if we had known each other for ages.

When he asked me to dance, it hit me that we were on a very serious date that was going to end in my bedroom. It turned me on to imagine what Mike would think if he saw me right now. As a married woman, I felt like I was leading this young man on and I had to keep telling myself that I wasn't really leading him on, because I was actually going to fuck him! I think that he figured out really quickly that he was onto a sure thing, as we did a slow dance. I could feel his hard cock rubbing up against my mound and I'm sure he could feel my nipples hardening through my blouse as he pulled me close to him and started gently kissing my neck, slowly moving to my lips until we were locked in a passionate kiss. As we kissed he discretely slid his hand inside my blouse and slowly squeezed my naked breast in his hand. It felt really strange but very nice.

After the dance we went to my car. I was about to start the engine when he pulled out his cock and begged me to suck it. It had to be the most unromantic thing I've ever seen, but instead of being repulsed I looked around to check that no one was watching and then lowered my lips to his cock. As I did it I kept thinking, "I shouldn't be doing this," but it didn't stop me. I decided not to make him cum, just bringing him almost to the edge. At this point he even said he was about to cum, but I pulled away just in time and told him he would have to wait until we got back to my place.

He looked very disappointed, but he closed his eyes while leaning back in his seat and put his still erect cock back in his trousers. When we got back to my place he changed from being a sweet young man to a total animal. It's a good thing I was ready for him (and that he had already made me wet) because as soon as we were through the door way he was fucking me up against the wall in 10 seconds flat. He didn’t even give me chance to close the door properly. I tried a couple of times to get him to move down the hall towards the bedroom but he held me firmly against the wall and fucked me as he pleased. When he came he pulled out and splattered cum all over the front door. As soon as he was finished I turned around and lead him by his cock upstairs to the bedroom.

To my surprise, he remained hard and still wanted to fuck me straight away! I was very excited by his need to fuck, but I was a little afraid of his urgency. We had all night together and I knew that he would make me very sore if he continued to fuck me all night like he had in the doorway. I managed to get him to calm down enough to let me suck his cock some more, using it as a way to entice him to lick my pussy by getting into a 69 on the bed. I was on top and I forced my pussy into his face while I took him as far as I could down my throat. Unfortunately he wasn't very experienced at licking pussy, but I had an orgasm with my clit pressed all over his face. He couldn't even resist pumping his hips while I sucked on his cock. A couple of times he made me gag. I had forgotten how awkward sex with a teenager could be, but it was worth it for his stamina and recovery powers.

After I came, I let him fuck me as long as he wanted. It was like having sex with a jackhammer! He fucked me and fucked me and then, when it seemed like he couldn't fuck anymore, I begged him to fuck me in the ass. I loved it. It was very different than the sex I have with my husband Mike. I was quite sore afterwards, but it was a good sore, if you know what I mean. I loved the feeling of being a teacher and being totally ravaged by this energetic young man. It was a wonderful experience, which I shared in minute detail with Mike on his return. I think that he was just a tiny bit jealous of the competition from a much younger guy, but he gave me a really good fucking that night to prove he could still hold his own.