Written by Beachman

24 Oct 2012

We decided to go for a long weekend a couple of weeks ago to the Costa del Sol. I managed to find a cheap apartment for 4 days close to the beach at Cabopino. I went with my wife Mary, who is 52, 5’6”, short blonde hair, 38dd bust and a smooth shaven pussy. We had been to the beach before about 3 years ago. Mary has never been one to sunbathe naked with me but will go topless. We hit the beach on the Saturday morning at about 10.30am. The sky was clear of clouds and the sun was shining. As we walked along the waters edge I guided Mary up to a dune up from the beach. The raised area had shrubs behind us and tall pampas grass to one side. There was another small dune next to us about 15 feet away across a walkway. Straight away Mary told me that I should get no ideas about sex in the open or her going naked. We laid out our towels. I wasted no time and got naked and Mary stripped down to her thong. I told her bum looked sexy in the thong. I stood on the edge of the dune facing the sea and commented how quiet it was. There was nobody else walking along the beach towards us. Mary told it might be due to Saturday being a change over day, people had gone home and new tourists would be arriving later. I decided to walk to the sea about 20 feet away and have a paddle. I went out about 3 feet and the clear sea was quite warm. I turned around and shouted to Mary to join me.

She stood up and asked who else was about. I told I could see right up the far end about half a mile away and there was not a soul walking our way. Then to my amazement she stepped out of her thong and walked down from the dune onto the beach naked. As she walked towards me her tits were bouncing around. She looked great and my prick started to swell. By the time she reached the sea edge my prick was erect. My prick is fairly average about 4 inches flaccid and gets to about 7 inches when erect and has a girth of about 6 inches. She walked into the sea and we held hands and walked further into the sea together. She told me this was a treat for taking her away but still I could not have sex with her in public on the beach. We waded out until her tits were bobbing about in the sea. My prick went rock hard and I was dying to shove it up her pussy and let my spunk explode inside her. She kept asking if my prick was still hard. I told her it was as her gorgeous naked body was exciting me. Mary then noticed that there people walking along the beach towards us and asked if we could get out of the water and go back to our towels. We got back to our towels. Mary lay down on her back, with her legs slightly apart exposing her pussy slit. I stood in the sun to dry off, looking down at my beautiful naked wife. My prick was still erect. I asked Mary if she would put some sun tan cream on it so it did not burn in the sun. She told me to do it myself and shut her eyes. I rub some sun tan cream on me and my prick and lay down nest to her.

We had been lying in the sun for about half an hour, when I sat up and looked to my left across Mary. There sitting in the walkway between our dune and the next was a bloke. He was naked and wanking his prick. Mary had dozed off and turned onto her side facing the bloke. I told Mary she had an admirer and she woke up. She continued to lie facing the bloke. I asked if she was going to continue lying facing him and let him ogle her body. She said “Why not, no harm in letting him look at my tits and pussy”. I lay behind her and started to rub her back and move my left arm to her left tit. I found her swollen nipple and massaged it with my thumb and finger. I told her she was a dirty prick teasing cow. She then pushed her bum back into my groin against my swelling prick. She was slowly gyrating her hips. The bloke was at first slowly wanking his prick, but now he was wanking it vigorously. Mary started to moan as I played with her nipple. The bloke stood up and was wanking faster and faster, he then let out a groan as his prick erupted and shot a stream of spunk into the air. He had now been joined by another naked male. Mary said “Look at that thing hanging between his legs. That is one big prick. The first bloke left and the second started to play with his prick. I reckon it was about 6-7 inches long and as he rubbed it, it went to about 10 inches and was quite thick. He remained about 10 feet from us as he slowly wanked his prick. Mary sat up and turned around facing the bloke. She told me to sit behind with my legs either side of hers. She spread her legs, giving the bloke a good view of her shaven pussy and slit. I reached round and cupped her breasts and gently kneaded them. She said “Lets tease him, play with my pussy”. I moved my right hand down and found her clit and rubbed it. Mary started to moan with pleasure. The bloke started to move towards us. I raised my left hand and moved it from left to right to indicate he was not going to play with us. He stopped about 5 feet from us and continued to wank his prick. The purple bell end of his prick was glistening with pre cum. Mary was getting very excited and I could feel her body tensing as she was about to come. As she came with a loud groan, I slipped a finger into her very wet pussy and felt the walls of her cunt tighten as she came. This made the bloke wank faster and he suddenly shot his load about 3 feet in front of him. He nodded and walked away.

Mary then turned around and pushed me onto my back. She took hold of my erect prick and wanked me. I lasted for about a minute and came over her hand and arm. We then both walked to the sea and Mary washed my spunk off her. We continued to sunbathe for about another two hours and were visited by about another four blokes who all wanked while they watched Mary sunbathe. Later as we walked back to our car, I asked Mary if she enjoyed being a prick tease. She told me it was thrilling and made her have an intense orgasm. I asked if she would go further if we came back the next day. She told me she would thing about it. I will continue with day 2 later.