Written by alaina

2 Feb 2017

Turning the car into the quiet lay by on a Septembers afternoon, Alaina could see there were already five or six cars parked presumably their occupants waiting for someone or something to stir them into action.

Choosing a space mid way along the line of vehicles, just in front of a blue works van, with the occupant watching intently trying to assess this new intruder. switching the motor off and reclining the drivers seat a bit , Alain reached over to the passengers side, pressing the seat positioning button as far forward as it would go, thus affording her more room in the back seat incase she got lucky.

Sitting there quietly , she watched the steady line of men walking up and down looking in the cars for any sign of acceptance from the occupants. Feeling someone had to make a move, Alain eased her bum forward in the driving seat and proceeded to rub her red and black lace panties through her very short leather mini skirt 10" which only just covered her crotch, unbuttoning the top three buttons of her white blouse just far enough to show off the matching red and Black lace bra.

As if the dinner bell had run, almost immediately three men appeared at the drivers side window , intently watching as she rubbed and caressed her crotch. Noting that all three men had their cocks out she felt pleased that she had caused such a reaction so quickly.

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