Written by S & G

14 Mar 2004

We have been married for over twenty years and still have a great sex life which involves a few fantasies along the way. We also have a male friend that we have both known for many years and at the moment he does not have a partner.

The three of us often go out together but there has never been anything sexual between the three of us.

A few months ago when we all went out for a few beers and my wife was wearing a new bra and a plunging neckline that really showed off her cleavage, in fact I could'nt take my eyes off her tits all night, she normally does'nt show much but tonight you could see most of her tits as well as her cleavage and I was sat contently there supping my beer with a semi-hard on thinking about what I was going to do to her when we got home tonight. When I noticed something that instantly made my cock rock hard, our mate was also letching at my wife's tits and when he adjusted himself awkwardly on his chair it was very noticable that his cock was rock hard as well. What a turn on ! my wife giving another bloke an hard on !!

The three of us said our good nights and as usual my wife and mate gave each other a big hug before leaving, but he seemed to hold onto her a bit longer tonight. When I said 'bye' to him he said "See ya mate, I can see you are going to have a good time tonight,I could'nt take my eyes of her tits they looked great". "They do don't they" I replied. "I bet you'll have a wank tonight thinking about them won't you". "Too true, mate. He said.

We parted our ways for the night.

When we got home and in bed I told her how sexy she looked tonight and that our mate thought so as well. She sad that she had noticed in the pub that we were both staring at her tits and she had also noticed that we both had rock hard cocks has she could see them bulging through our trousers and when she gave him a goodnight hug she could feel his cock pressing against her, that's why she hugged him longer because it was good feeling another man's hard cock rubbing near her wet pussy that and she did actually wonder what it would be like to have both those cocks to play with........and with that thought in both our minds we fucked each other for hours !!

But would we ever be brave enough to take it further ?