Written by S & G

19 Mar 2004

Another night out with our mate in the pub and my wife was yet again wearing a low cut top to show off her great cleavage and even more of her tits than usual. This time she sat next to our mate and I sat opposite them. As the night went on she had moved right up next to him and was rubbing up against him and while he was talking to her she leant over to him so her top dropped forward and he could see right down her top and got a good view of most of her tits. I could tell by the way she kept moving on her seat that she was probably getting wet and excited and it was obvious by just looking at his trousers that he had a stonking hard on and she had noticed this as well, she put he hand on the top of his leg her fingers searching down the inside of his thigh and then suddenly she stretched her fingers and stroked down the length of his erect cock with her fingertips and squeezed his balls against his leg when her fingers reached them, I actually saw his cock throb against his trousers. We had more drinks and she was still stroking his leg and he put his hand on her leg also, but not too high but my wife wanted his hand higher and she adjusted her self in her seat so that his hand moved up her thigh and I saw the look on his face when his fingers felt her suspenders he obviously felt so horny that his hand slipped down her inner thigh and she let out an audible sigh as his fingers brushed against her wanting wet cunt. I went to the loo at this point probably hoping that having a pee would help relieve the pressure on my hard aching cock, when I returned you couldn't tell until I sat in my seat what these two 'friends' were doing, she had a skirt on with a split in the front and his hand had now disappeared inside and she told me later that he had two fingers inside her dripping cunt at the time while she now had a firm grip on his cock through his trousers and she was almost wanking him off in the pub !

We were then called as our taxi had arrived and all three of us finished our drinks and got up and left the pub as though nothing had happened, outside we said our goodbye's and their cuddle lasted even longer than usual and I saw her reach down and gently squeeze his balls.

Later in bed she told me she had really enjoyed tonight and while we were fucking she said she would like him to fuck her with me one night. It is tempting........