Written by Gerald Manning

18 Jul 2006

I have been Married 9 years with my wife 8 months into the second pregnancy.

I have had zero sex for the last 6 months and even before then it wasn´t brilliant.

My ´in laws` come to our home every two weeks or so and for me this is no grind because the Father is a good person who likes a drink as much as I do and the Mother is really very attractive for 52 years old and well dressed to emphasise this.

I am sure that their sex life is dead because the FIL keeps shrinking from sexy films on tv or hiring blue videos as I know my wife has told me her mother likes to watch them.

On this particular Saturday I was sure my MIL would be her usual happy flirty self and I had sent her some really nice underwear a week earlier as an early birthday present.

A plan of sorts was starting to form and I was intent to get my FIL happily oiled and off to bed as early as possible while the MIL and I could watch a video I had leased.

They arrived at 18.00 and we went straight into the routine of scotch for FIL and me and wine for the MIL.

My wife abstains from alcohol during pregnancy.

By 22.00, having had a good dinner and a bit to drink the FIL retired as did my wife.

I winked at my MIL and called her into the kitchen where I had hidden the video. I showed her the casing which was quite explicit and she showed feigned shock and wagged a scolding finger at me for being so rude.

She suggested we wait for 30 minutes or so to ensure that her hubby didn´t come back downstairs.

I had made a point of drinking far less than usual in the hope that something might happen with MIL.

She had drunk nearly a bottle of wine and was quite merry.

The time came to start the show and we sat next to each other on the sofa in front of the tv. he first scenes were of an older woman punishing a young guy for whatever reason and he had to show the woman his cock.

My heart was beating four times more than healthy as I could sense my MIL moving slightly with excitementas the scenes became clearer. Dare I make a move, I thought could pretend to be a little drunk and asked her if she would like to see a real red blooded cock of her own. She looke me straight in the eye and said ´If I saw a real nice stiff cock now I would eat it`.

I undid my zipper and belt, took hold of her hand and put her hand into my pants.

She grasped my dick with both hands and started to gently stroke it while scratching my balls wih her long painted nails.

I undid the buttons of her dress and pulled it from her shoulders, she let go of my shaft for the minimum of time.I started kissing her and she responded with fantastic passion, I started rubbing her tits through her slip and bra and she was really working on my dick.

Rather than risk being caught we stopped for a moment.Turned of the tv, withdrew the video and went to the adjoining living room where it was one room further away from anyone coming downstairs.

It was then that we heard a toilet flush and waited holding our breath.

We were still standing and she would just not let go of my shaft. She was gently stroking it while I was still handling her lovely breasts.

I put my hand into her panties and found that she was soaking with her honey juice. Dare we continue or what to do. She stopped kissing me and held a finger to her mouth. Signalling that it would be better to stop.

I just couldn´t imagine stopping and gestured for her to please continue wanking me at least.

She bent down and took my member into her mouth and pushed against the door to keep it shut.

She sucked and sucked and wanked and let me take her tits out of her lovely lacy underwear and then - BANGGGG it was all over. I gushed into her mouth with what seemed like gallons of my cum. I just kept spitting into her mouth.

She was fabulous. I just wanted so much more of her.

We crept into the other room and readjusted our clothes and made a promise to finish things properly sometime tomorrow.

My wife and FIL went to Church at 08.00 and my MIL had just finished showering when they left. By then time I got back from taking the others to the Church she was in her bedroom in a slip.

I dashed in and grabbed her with tremendous lust.

We went at each other with total abandon.

She told me she had been after this since seeing me asleep once with a massive hard on and couldn´t get it out of her mind.

I told her that now she could now have it all whenever she wanted it.

We will now continue our sexual relief for each other as long as it needs.