Written by Eve

15 May 2005

I have to tell you all about an experience I had recently which makes me glad I found this site!!!! M and I had met a couple of times before and we were beginning to get to know each others bodies. I was away with work this particular night and booked into a fantastic hotel, sexy rooms, huge comfy beds and best of all, at the end of the bed, a 42” plasma TV and DVD player.

M just happened to working in the same area so we arranged to meet and spend the night together. I had a four hour drive and was in a heightened state of sexuality throughout the entire journey, wondering what would happen. I had recently mentioned I would love him to completely shave my pussy smooth and I hoped this would be the night it would happen.

We had dinner and a couple of drinks at the bar before going back to the room. By this time I was soaking wet, I couldn’t wait to get naked! I wasn’t disappointed, as soon as we got to the room M started stripping off my clothes until I was stood in front of him, aching to be touched. Suddenly he took me by the arm and led me to the bathroom. Puzzled and slightly alarmed, I frantically looked around, spotting the cable ties he often used in work sticking out of this back pocket. He was leading me towards the wall with the towel rail on it. In one smooth movement he firmly took my wrists, and secured them very firmly to the rail, raising my arms up and making me look and feel very vulnerable. M took full advantage of my predicament, stroking me, filling his hands with my full round breasts, sucking my nipples which where eager to harden and peak in his mouth. His hands slid lower down my body heading in the direction I had been dreaming about all day. He reached between my legs, probing and sliding in all the juices I had been producing for hours. I bucked with pleasure, feeling familiar waves surging through my body. Realising my state, M thrust two fingers deep and hard inside me, instantly causing an orgasm to tear through me and my juices to propel all over his hand and create small puddles on the bathroom floor.

I’m still gasping when M produced the razor. YES! Lathering me up carefully he set to work making my pussy so smooth. I loved every minute of it, having such a fit, sexy guy, parting my legs and paying such close attention to my favourite body part. It was such a huge turn-on, and I couldn’t wait to feel the end result.

As if to test the smoothness for himself he ran his tongue over his handiwork, flicking the tip over my clit and again I felt the beginning of an orgasm building in my groin. Sensing this, he cut the tie which was holding my bound wrists to the towel rail and led me back into the bedroom, sat me on the chair and time secured my ankles to the legs of the chair. He saw the look on my face, a mixture of pleasure, fear and trepidation and smiled, knowing he had me just where he wanted me and he could do anything to me. Off came his clothes and he moved close up in front of me pulling me legs apart and sliding his fingers into my hot smooth soaking pussy and as I bucked with pleasure he feed his gorgeous full rock hard cock deep into my mouth almost choking me, I sucked and licked it hungrily, not having a free hand to slide up and down the length, I let my lips do the work. By this time I was desperate to be fucked, and I begged M to have mercy and give me what I needed. He was in no mood to show mercy and walked over to the dresser and picked up the wine bottle we had emptied earlier. Bending down he guided the neck of the bottle between my throbbing pussy lips and without a moments hesitation rammed it in to the hilt. I nearly passed out with ecstasy, my head started spinning and the beginning of a multiple orgasm raced through my body making me spasm time after time. With each spasm my juices squirted out, some filling the wine bottle, some escaping and drenching my thighs. When the orgasms subsided I tried to re-focus my eyes just in time to see M slipping on the condom and positioning himself to enter me. Tipping the chair back onto the back two legs raised me just into the right position, and I closed my eyes and waited for the pleasure I had longed for all day. As he pushed fat juicy cock inside me slowly I could feel the resistance against the tight muscles but he continued to drill into me gasping himself this time at the tightness. Because the chairs leg where off the ground I freed my ankles from the cable ties I could sink into him by wrapping my legs around his hips so he was balls deep into me.

This was a whole new level of gratification, slower and more intense, I would spend every waking moment with this man’s cock in me if I could, but just as I was settling into the rhythm he dipped his finger into my pussy juice and slid it knuckle deep into my bum. No warning this time, the explosion was instant, my muscles tightened strangling M ‘s cock and the biggest gush of cum shot out of me and soaked us both. M pulled of the condom and fired his cum all over my face, pumping it in my eyes, mouth and smearing it all over my lips so I could taste his sweet cum. Wow !

Completely spent we collapsed on the bed, curled into each others arms and slept like babies! As I said, Thank You, Swinging Heaven xxxx