Written by lisfando

21 Nov 2011

Dear Lola , I‘ve no words for your so beautiful present… Thank you for coming to meet me in Italy. Now I'm with my husband and while playing we are remembering you ,we think of your sex, …your celestial yoni most beautiful and fragrant even when peeing …we have been drinking everything that comes out from you , your yoni that we called Dragon's Pearl…..or we the box of Pandora ….or perhaps you prefer that we name just your scented Cunt… We remember all for oral sex…or drinking sex as you named it …Now while writing we are dreaming of oral sex, I dream of your camel toe tight in that white wet bath suite …I want oral sex….. I want it all the time...my fantasy is to have you upside down, legs spread apart at the entrance to your church, and instead of having to dip into the holy water font, I have to dip into YOU, with my fingers, and then with my tongue..over and over…and have other unknown people doing this..and then keeping you in this position …having your holy sacred spot so wet and full of moisture…I would seat next to you..having a pot in one and full of food already cooked ..without any sauce ..in the other hand the Chinese chopsticks …and I would put pieces of food in your hot pot runs this pieces around your lips and then sticks the chopsticks in your aching pussy …as to search a sauce..and then eat… or just put the food over your open cunt between her labia and the eating directly and kissing at the same time … kissing you inside and lapping…kissing your inner thighs and push my fingers inside you…then again pull out …several time the same action as I were digging you..with my four fingers as they were a spoon… and then at last give your clit more attention starting a tongue fucking rubbing your clit the whole while you are in the same position up down….You screaming < …take me take ye….> I don't give in. I knows You are loving it but begging for more…. Finally after I realize that you are so close to cumming I resurfaces and thrust my huge cock into your soaking wet aching pussy and pounds it like mad. Your legs wrapped around my neck as you stay in the same position… Soon in just minutes you cum like mad screaming and spasming…and pissing ..asking me to do the same inside your cunt…< PLEASE ..PISS…PISS > …. me just collapsing on you ……dreaming of you….we dreams of you and we hope to meet you again in London or in Torino

Your adoring lisfando