Written by L and D

4 Nov 2004

We frequently fantisised about L being given a full seeing to by other men whilst we played prior to love making but like many readers Im sure we never did expext it to happen. One day whilst L was at home during the summer holidays I was called into work - it was warm and we were both rather horny when I had to leave in the morning, it got worse and I called to see how she was and to tell her I was onmy way shortly - before going off the phone I asked if she would like a little play when I got home - our term for sh*****.

She did but the roofing odd job man was there doing his bit of work as arranged - what a day I said well maybe he could help us out she joked - it soon enlarged the conversation and we were both full ready when we finsihed our call.

We had joked about her putting on her blue Laura Ashley dress an objecvt of desire in bed I must say - I love to unbutton her and she enjoys the tease fully grasping to cover herself whilst letting me lick tits and finger her - that was the usual -the dress is size 10 and L is now size 12. She is petite really with 34b bust and a nice behind that fills out her usual business suits . She is attractive and turns guys heads despite being 45 - they always see her for that bit on the side they would love.

Well she had put it on and been working round the house while peter the roofer was working - he is about 50 ish so in his mind close to still having a chance at L if the mind took him. The dress only fastens when she doesnt wear her brassier as the buttons pop across her bust - well as you can imagine now 34b still effects that despite the absence of a bra. She had given him tea while he was on the ladder and she of course teased those buttons loose enough - I arrived home and she was moist and juicing I could smell her so he must have too - he had his lunch in the kitchen and she moved around us purposefully brushing her bust across peters arm and reaching so that he began to see what she was doing - i smiled as i caught him looking - its ok I said and grasped her behind and waist - she feigned a struggle but actually managed to wriggle free - and what happens the top three buttons open to reveal her curved cleavage and the shimmer of her tits as she moved.

Peter loved it and he eyed eagerly as she joked and put her her up easing htose tities even higher the dress opening - a little more - he had a hard on and making no mistake about showing it.

Come and sit on my knee I said - no I dont trust you she said playing - you can sit on mine Peter invited - well there you are she said and promptly sat across his enlarged but covered cock. Peters joking allowed him to pretend to help her button up but infact he opened them all to her waist - yes I was absolutley hard now - her tits were out to see and peter held them whilst she gasped - without planning we were on our way - she gasped as he plucked and rolled those nipples her tits heaving whilst i undid the dress from the bottom to access he old panties that were ripped off - the kitchen table served its purpose that day both of us holding her in turn whilst we served her full helpings of cum whilst her dress lay open around her.

Peter doesnt get to see us as often now but the dress and the table remain in use frequently for voyeuristic tradesmen who may happen upon us ,...