Written by steve

7 Oct 2003

I am going back a bit here ok, so bear with the old memory lol, it was in 1990, i was about 21 and young and, to be honest a bit wet around the ears. I contacted a couple through a contact magazine, whilst i was living in Essex, they were in swindon. I chatted to them , and although they were a lot older than me at the time, i thought yes, sod it in for a penny and all that. I left my home, and travelled to Swindon and arrived at about 4 pm, funny how the first time always stays so clear in your mind. I met the husband at a pub, and when he walked in i thought oh shit what are you doing here, he was not a day under 45, i shit myself we had a few drinks and a chat, but nothing sexual so it was back to the pub they owned. Now i was asked , naturally to be very discreet , in Wooton Basset this would have caused major gossip, so hence not a word. When we arrived i eagerly looked round for the lady who was going to recieve my flowers, and a lot more i hoped, but she was not there, i was introuduced as a nephew, and was then taken upstairs. I first saw here and thought not bad at all, she had a nice body, looked after herself for her 40 years of age, and had a lovely set of tits. We had a chat and she said she was working so me and hubby could go for a beer and meet later. This was cool for me, a few more dutch courages. As i was getting changed she was also in the bedroom but she had on a really sexy blue bra, and a black skirt, which i prayed was covering stockings and suspenders( it was) I asked if i could touch , she smiled and said later. Now whilst out for a drink hubby explained that he purely likes to watch, would not be told what to do by me, but his wife would order him to do whatever she said, i thought, eerrrr ok, remember i was only 21 lol. Well we get back about 11pm and everyone is slowly going , by this time i am fucking drooling, and a bloody barman will not go home, but for all the hints in the world, so eventually we all yawn , and kick him out , literally. When we get upstairs, of course i go the guest way and they go the living quarters way, which is connected by an inner door, so i am let in, well i sit tin the lounge and am now wetting myself, full stop, the porn film on, here sitting with a smile and me , well what do i do. Hubby walks past the room, naked and gestures me to "go on "i sat up and knelt in front of her and kissed her , whilst my inexperienced hand wanders to her tits she was undoing my trousers and holding my now rock solid cock, she said this is the first time i have done this, and i thought shit, what if i let her down, hubby by now is watching and wanking for merry england and i am getting right into it, i slid down to her cunt and started to peel off her skirt, she had the most amazing underwear for a 21 year old kid to behold, little g string, black stockings and black suspendr belt, i was in heavenshe lay on the floor and sat on my face and said lick my cunt, like he cant, he is useless, i looked at him , and he agreed, so what do you do, you lick dont you? she by now is sucking my cock, like a woman, not a kid of my age and i was amazed , he underwear was amazing, her old man watchimng, brill. she then starts to push down and grind my tongue and lets out a moan, of pleasure and says lick me harder, so she then came on my face, i thought she had wet herself it was amazing, but the real buzz at that age was she screamed, she loved it, i then turned her round and took her from behind whilst hubby watched, i never fucked anyone like it, so hard and deep it was heaven, i felt her tighten around my cock and really milk me, so i turned her over put her legs around my shoulders and realy went for it, as i felt myself ready to come, she came again and that shot me over the edge, i pulled out and come all over her tits and face, and felt like i was not going to stop coming, then hubby bent down and licked it off her tits and cleaned her up, well amazing or what , so that was my first thresome , i am now in blackpool , single stil, thank god , and looking for couples so if this sounds good, and it is hard to write down get in touch and maybe we can chat, oh how i loved her tight little pussy