Written by Lizzie-Dripping

24 Oct 2006

Liz here again, this ones for Wolfe. I recieved a message from a guy i'll call Paul. It was a reply to my ad on '' which states basically i'm up for most things. Anyway Pauls fantasy was to be a slave to a mature woman. He went on to say that it wasn't sex he was after, more so he wanted to do things like make the bed, hoover, cook, clean the car, those type of things. He did say he required strictness and that if he didn't obey quick enough or his work was shoddy he expected to be punished in some way. After a discussion with hubby Dave we decided it would be a good bit of fun if he was genuine so i messaged him back and told him i'd be up for it. I explained i was married but he didn't seem put off in fact even said he'd like to wash and iron both of our clothes. I gave him my tel no. and we arranged it for the weekend (the one just gone). He was from Bolton and didn't drive so caught the train to Wolverhampton where he got a taxi. My doorbell rang at 11 sharp, the exact time he said he'd be there.Dave was still at work, he works Saturday mornings til 12. I opened the door and was shocked to see a guy of about 30, muscular, grade 2, very smart, looked like Dave when he was in the Army a bit. I was more expecting an older gent, weedy, you know what i mean. 'Come in' i beckoned, 'its pissing down'. 'Yes Madame' came the reply and he walked in. He followed me to the kitchen where the kettle was on the boil and jumped straight in front of me to make the tea. 'Two sugars for me' i said. Having remembered his fantasy i was finding it difficult not to be polite, when you first meet someone its very difficult to start ordering them about. Anyway i decided to go for it and see how he reacted. 'Look at those footprints on my floor, you imbecile, take those wet shoes off and clean them up'. 'Yes Madame, at once, wheres your mop'. 'Mop, i'll give you mop, with your tongue, now'. He dropped straight to the floor and started licking at it. Wow, the feeling of power was brilliant, not what i expected at all. 'When you've done take your holdhall upstairs and get unpacked, second door to your left. Theres coat hangers in the wardrobe. A portable tv and a few mags. You can take your cup of tea with you. Be back down here at 12 sharp. Anyway when he'd gone i had to phone Dave at work and tell him, i just couldn't believe how much i was enjoying it. At 12 he was down, stood there awaiting his orders. He'd changed into what can only be described as a maids outfit, all he needed was a feather duster. I was in hysterics. His expression didn't change, he didn't mind me laughing in his face. I soon had him hoovering, pollishing etc and at 12.30 Dave returned. He was a bit apprehensive when he saw him and didn't laugh like i had. 'Off for a shower, then going to play Snooker with Ken' he said. He called me over before he left and said 'Listen, i'm not really into this, i'm not ordering the poor bloke round, have you fun but keep me out of it' and off he went. Obviously he didn't think he'd turn up. 'Right, the shower needs cleaning' and off he marched. I stood in the doorway and watched him scrubbing away until it sparkled. 'Look at the state of you, your covered in Vim, get your clothes off and get showered youself now, and when your done, clean that shower again. I'll be back in 10 minutes'. I went to the bedroom and got changed into a miniskirt and see through blouse, no nickers, bra or footwear. I went into the hallway and could here the shower running. The door was half open. I peeked around and saw a lovely hairy arse all soaped up. My stomached turned, i was as horny as hell. He turned slightly to reveal a very hairy chest and a nice looking cock about 6 inches long relaxed. While he soaped his face i tiptoed in and put both my hands on his bumcheeks and my eager mouth round his limp dick. He moaned slightly and i felt him hardening in my mouth. I put my left hand on his cock and pulled his foreskin right back to reveal a massive helmet. I sucked on it as water cascaded over me. I stopped momentarily as he pulled my blouse over my head. I kicked off my skirt and joined him naked in the shower. Without a word he lifted my left leg up and thrust his cock hard up my willing pussy. He built up a rhythm until he was eventually pounding into me while he lowered his head and sucked my hard nipples one at a time. After 5 minutes he tensed and i knew he was about to cum. I pulled off him and got on all fours in front of him. He thrust back inside of me and after 2 strokes i went warm inside as he emptied his hot mess into me. Orgasms ripped through me as he continued to ram at me making sure i got every last drop. Sorry lads, Dave did tell me i could have fun if i wanted. Anyway on the Sunday he went to watch Wolves play at West Brom and we had an even better session in bed. I actually had to rush round and do some housework myself before he got back to make it look good. I'm not a bitch, i'll tell him all about it when i'm ready, or he'll read it on here first ah! ah!. Then hopefully he'll give me a good seeing too himself when it gets him hot. Bye til my next encounter, Lizxxxx