Written by F

24 Oct 2003

It was early Friday evening, and the businessman walked dispondently back to his hotel room. He had spent the last two days at a conference, and was looking forward to his girlfriend joining him for the weekend. However, she had just phoned with bad news - her flight was delayed, and she wouldn't be arriving before 11pm, and so he had an evening alone in the hotel. His girlfriend had said that she would phone him again when he got back to his room, and they could discuss where to meet.

On arriving at the hotel, he had a quick drink in the bar, and then went to his room.

As soon as he opened the door, he instinctivly knew that something was wrong. What was that noise - but as soon as he realined that the noise was the shower he heard a womans voice shout "Close the door and put your hands on your head"

Doing as he was told, he saw a woman come from the bathroom. Wearing only a black bra, knickers, stockings and suspenders, she was pointing a pistol straight at him. Her face was obscured by a mask, which meant that he could only see her eyes.

"Come into the room, and sit down" she said, waving to a chair with the pistol. He sat down, and the woman walked over to him, putting one leg on the chair arm, so that her crotch was staight in front of his face. "Remove my stockings" she ordered, and the man did as he was told, giving her the two stockings. She than walked back, and lay on the bed, keeping the pistol pointed at him, and found a music channel on the radio.

She then ordered the man to dance, and strip as he did so. When the man was naked, she walked behind him, and took each arm, and tied a stocking to his wrist. She then lead him to the bathroom, and put him in the shower, tieing his arms above his head, and directing the jets of water onto his naked body.

The woman soaped the man down, fininshing with his now erect prick. After she had finished, she knelt in front of him. and started to play with his now erect eight inches. After a couple of minutes of this, she slid her lips over his end, at first gingerly, and then gradually thrusting more of it nto her mouth, fondling the penis with her tongue.

As soon as she felt him starting to come, she pushed him away, and then thrust his organ deep into her cleavage, with her bra half removed as her 38C breasts were engulfed by his come.

That cheap toy pistol was the best money I ever spent. My new boyfriend was fantastically attentive all weekend, which became an overdose of sex and shopping!