Written by A happy guy

25 Apr 2006

This is a follow up story from the After Melissa story with Cathy and Steve. You may recall it was my first bi experience and Cathy had her first DP. Well I met them a few times again, but it was never the same as the first. I always booked a hotel nearby as they had kids and a babysitter looked after them, so it was never convenient any other way.

One time though changed all of that. After one of our sessions, we were all still quite horny, so they both invited me back to their place. Steve would drive the babysitter home and we could just have a quick fuck and then I would go home too. When we got to their house, we went in and there on the sofa was this gorgeous 20 year old brunette babysitter. She looked at me and probably wondered why I was there. I looked back and wondered what she was like in bed. Remember I am still horny and there was only one thing on my mind. She said goodbye and Steve drove her home.

Cathy and I wasted no time in getting completely undressed and she said that I should lie on the floor and she would get on top in a reverse cowgirl facing the door. This way she could greet Steve when he got home. We were going strong when we heard the key in the door and we just carried on knowing Steve would join in. Steve came into the lounge followed by the babysitter. She saw us and you could just see her jaw drop.

Steve said that the babysitter had forgotten her keys, and they just came back to get them. The babysitter looked at Steve and saw that he wasn’t upset by our fucking on the floor. Then she said something extraordinary “I knew there was something about you lot, you always looked well pleased when you came home, now I see why. Would you mind if I joined in?” Would we mind, who do you think you are asking. She bent down and starting licking Cathy’s pussy and my cock as I slid in and out of it. Steve wasted no time and got down behind her and pulled her thong to one side and started licking her pussy. This obviously had an impact on her as she worked harder and faster on me and Cathy. Then he pulled down his trousers pulled out his cock and positioned himself behind her. He then entered her slowly, to which she responded “Oh fuck that feels good, fuck me hard”. Steve required no further instructions and pounded her like there was no tomorrow. I think seeing this had some reaction on Cathy as she started to come, which in turn made me come, which made Steve come. Sue, the babysitter then lifted herself up and just started to kiss Cathy. This was just getting hotter. Cathy then got off me and pushed Sue to the ground, then got into a 69 position and started licking Steve’s come out her young sweet pussy. Sue responded by licking my come out of Cathy’s pussy.

This was just too horny for words and within 15 minutes I was hard again and wanting to get into Sue’s pussy. Sue saw my erection and I lay down, and then she got on top, put my cock to the entrance to her nicely cleaned pussy and pushed down ever so slowly. Finally I was fully engulfed in that young sweet thing. It kind of reminded me of Melissa when we were young.

Steve was also now erect again, and again he got behind her and started to lick her pussy and my cock. Sue looked around and said “You guys are definitely sexier than I thought”. Little did she know. He then started to lick her butt and she said “Wow that feels nice, no-one has done that to me before.” Steve continued until she was nice and wet, whilst I was still kissing and fucking this lovely girl. Steve got on his knees and started to position his cock at her ass. She looked around and said “I don’t think I can”. “Don’t worry” said Steve, “you will love it”. I thought at that time I should start kissing her heavily and hold her face to mine while Steve got himself inside. He went slowly and she made grumphing noises but eventually he was in and started a rhythm with me. “Oh fuck that hurt at first, but now, oh fuck my arse, fuck me hard in there, come in my arse”. Yep I think she is a convert too.

Steve was never one to let anyone down, and he thrust away for ages, as did I. It must have been half an hour before we came, and we were all in piles of sweat.

Sue looked at her watch and cried out “Oh fuck I am late; my mum will wonder where I am”. Steve and Sue dressed and set off to Sue’s house. Cathy then went down on my cock and started to clean it up. I told her there was no way I could get it up again, but I would definitely like to get together with the three of them again.

Cathy told me that was her first girl, and she enjoyed it thoroughly. Perhaps she said we should even try another couple, just so she would not be left out. I couldn’t possibly argue with her.