Written by Mike

7 Apr 2006

I'm a mature 68yr old bi-sexual married male.My wife and I were ardent swingers until she became sexually inactive due to treatment for a cancer 5 years ago. Last month we went on a Med cruise which predominantly comprised of fellow retired couples. One evening we met two other couples who were travelling together both in their mid 60's

Bob & Mary and Roy & Sue. In normal initial conversation it came out about my wife, Jean's cancer and it's limiting after effects.- The next day we were all having morning coffee when Bob said he was going to the computer room to check on his e-mails. About 10 minutes later I also went to join him and check on mine. On going in, I saw he was logged on to this SH site , so naturally mu opening remark was " A great site is'nt it - found anyone interesting yet?"Well to cut a long story short it emerged that he and Roy were bi andall 4 of them were fuck buddies. Subsequently it was arranged that I would join them in their cabin that evening whilst Jean as she said,would go and have an affair with a "Gin & Tonic" whist we others enjoyed ourselves. Seemingly Sue & Mary got turned on watching Roy & Bob suck and fuck each other before they themselves joined in and finally got fucked.- The situation was though that both Bob & Roy wanted to enjoy having me whilst the two ladies wanted me to save myself and eventually fuck both of them. So,I started by giving both of them a good sucking,both were about 7". Then whilst I was giving Bob a long deep throated mouth fuck, I felt the cheeks of my arse being parted and the coolness of KY jelly as Sue lubed me up and started finger fucking me to open me up ready for one of the men to fuck me. Then Mary came over and guided Roy's dick into my arse. With experienced gentle pressure he slowly nudged it all the way in until his balls started to slap my buttocks as he took up a good rthymn fucking me. -I was completely being spit-roasted by the pair. After a couple of minutes or so they changed over and then I had the pleasure of both Sue and Mary going down and giving me a blow job between them, but being warned not to come off as I had yet to fuck both of them!. Both Bob and Roy were ready to complete as when your mid-60's you can only keep it going for a limited period!. So first I felt Roy's dick throb and pulsate as he pumped a good load of spunk down my throat, then I felt Bob grip my hips as he really went in as far as possible and immediately unloaded his spunk up my arse. Sated they both retired to the settee, whilst Mary & Sue joined me. Both were well lubricated and begging to be fucked- no oral or anything first-just straight penetration. So I first impaled Mary and began fucking her whilst Sue started to two finger fuck my well opened up arse. Then they changed over . The biggest surprise was when they both asked me to fuck them both up the arse also. Meanwhile Bob and Roy were as they say "still recuperating" but enjoying the show. Eventually I said I just had to come off I was absolutely bursting, so it was agreed Mary would suck and wank me off over Sue's face and open mouth, which she did.

What Sue did'nt swallow Mary licked up and cleaned her face.

We all went and joined Jean in the bar, who was'she said; on her second G & T. We realised then that it had all only taken 55 minutes. But what a session. We repeated it all over again a couple of more times during the cruise- and eventually parted and went our different ways, completely knackered but with fantastic memories. Unfortunately they all live too far away for me to pursue their company on land.-At least Jean enjoyed me telling her all about it as she could identify with it all. ....If there are any 'rtd swingers' out there on SH reading this who like me are finding partners few and far between these days and think I could be compatible to their requirements, please get in touch....lol.