Written by LESLEY

18 Oct 2003

At the age of 32 my husband Mark had done well to get where he had in the Company and his next step would be to get onto the board of directors though he had competition from his colleague Chris for the spare place.

The Company is owned by an extremely wealthy Asian gentleman called Mr Choudry who is a rather rotund and jovial man in his mid 60's and whom I had met often at social events which were a regular occurence and arranged by the wives of senior management, including myself. In December of last year it was my turn to arrange the next event so I visited Mr Choudry's home so as to make arrangements. Mr Choudry opened the door for me and hugged me like a long lost relative making me feel most welcome. We walked into his lounge and sat down whilst he poured us both coffee and made polite conversation for a while. "Lesley my dear I have to make a decision soon as to whom I shall promote onto the board between your Mark and Chris, it is a hard choice but you may be able to sway my thinking." I obviously looked confused but Mr Choudry continued in a very serious tone"my son Hurj is 16 today and it is tradition in my culture for him to lose his virginity on this day as a rite of passage into adulthood, but with his disability it is very difficult for me to find him a suitable partner." My mind was spinning as it dawned on me what he was asking me to do and the fact that his son Hurj's disability is that he is a dwarf. "I thought about employing a prostitute but I want to be sure the person is sensitive to Hurj and I do know that he would prefer to remember his first time with you than with one of the older flabby wives." The Pros and Cons whizzed through my mind, for the sake of a couple of hours with Hurj I could almost guarantee Mark's position on the board which I felt he deserved after years of hard work. The downside would be the feeling of guilt as I had been a virgin myself when Mark and I married and I had never felt another mans penis. I made my mind up and trying to make out that I was doing this to help Mr Choudry more than Mark I said "It would be an honour Mr Choudry to help you." Mr Choudry smiled broadly and clapped his hands together "Excellent my girl, you will not regret this decision. Hopefully this will keep him off that dreadful internet porn for a while!" Mr Choudry smartly walked towards the stairway and I followed him up a flight where he pushed open a door to a huge room where Hurj sat at a computer which he immediately shut down. "I have told you before about that porn my son" said Mr Choudry, "but today you will not need it as today you will become a man, Happy Birthday." Besides Hurj's dwarfism he had everything material in the world that he could ever want and his room was an oasis of luxury and technology. Hurj's face lit up as he knew about his culture's custom and that I was there as his birthday present. I had met Hurj on a few occasions and found him to be a spoilt, arrogant, foul mouthed so and so but had always been nice to him due to his father and put it down to his disability and him being a teenager. "I'll leave you both to it then" said Mr Choudry with a grin and raised eyebrows as he left the room and closed the door behind him. I could feel butterflies overwhelming me in my stomach and thought that I was going to faint but didn't know what to say. Hurj walked towards me "I'm glad it's you" said Hurj "cos I've had a wank thinking about you and what I'd do to you given a chance like this, you remind me of Sandra Bullock." I had been told there was a likeness before but I can't see it! I could feel a lump in my throat as I stuttered out "Thank you Hurj that's nice of you to say so." Hurj ignored my comment and told me that he wanted some photos during our time together to remember the experience and got hold of his expensive looking camera. "OK stand over there by the recliner and start undressing" he said. I couldn't believe how assertive he was being with me and I obeyed his command. Hurj immediately started taking photos of me as I first kicked off my high heels and then reached behind me to unzip my light cotton dress which I allowed to fall to my feet. I stood in front of Hurj wearing just my white cotton bra and panties "keep going" he snarled as I reached behind me to undo my bra clasp and removed to allow my free breasts to wobble up and down. Hurj told me to lean forward so that he could feel my breasts, though he did refer to them as "tits," and for some reason he fingered around my belly button. "Now for the best bit" said Hurj. I could see a bulge in the front of his trousers as I sat on the recliner with my heart pumping as I lifted my bottom and pulled my panties down my legs and off. Hurj was licking his lips as I lay totally naked in front of him as he continued to photograph me. For a moment uncertainty crept in as Hurj said in little more than a whisper "will you open your legs please so I can have a look" which I slowly did and raised my knees high so that he could see what he wanted between my open legs. Hurj stopped taking photos for a moment and just stared at my intimate part before clicking away again with his camera. "I want you open" said Hurj and so I put both my hands between my legs and slowly pulled open my womanhood for him to look inside me. I looked down myself as Hurj commented how pink the inside of my fanny was compared with my white skin. "Come let's fuck" said Hurj as he grabbed my hand and ushered me to his bed. I got the feeling he didn't want me to see him naked as he made me get on all fours whilst he undressed and then clamboured onto the bed behind me. Normally Mark has me like this and kneels behind me but because of Hurj's size he was able to stand and I could feel him inserting a finger into my genitals for the first time which was quickly followed by his penis which I would estimate was about 6". I could feel Hurj stretching me as he pumped when he suddenly bucked and yelled and ejaculated inside me after about a minute. Hurj told me to stay in position whilst he photographed me from behind as he wanted a picture of his sperm leaving my vagina and he told me what "..a great arse.." I have.

Mr Choudry hugged me again as I left and thanked me and told me that Mark would hear soon about The Board!