Written by unimanch

7 Jan 2007

This is all true. There was always talk around the office about my boss and his swinging activities. But nobody was really sure if it was true or not. Several years ago we were out in his car and the conversation turned to sex. I felt comfortable to ask him about the rumours and he spent the next hour recounting the sexy situations that he and wife had experienced. 3somes (both ways) and 4somes and all many years ago. But had stopped, fear of infections, etc. I'd met his wife several times, she was 50's, petite, pretty with nice tits. When he asked me if I would like to play with them I jumped at the chance. Nothing happened for months, then one day he invited me for a business meeting at his house one the pretense that we wouldn't get disturbed. I arrived and we spent the morning working while his wife pottered around the house. At lunchtime the table was set and we sat down. She was dressed in a shortish skirt, blouse, stockings (he told me that's all she wore, never any knickers) and heels. Over lunch they kissed and he sat with his hand on her leg up her skirt. There were some protests "what will our guest think". But she settled and then my boss dropped a bombshell. He told her that I had done a massage course. I nearly choked on my food. Then I struggled to answer her questions on massage. I'd read a book on the subject at one stage so was able to pass myself. After lunch my boss suggested that I give his wife a massage. She was in favour of this and went to change out of her good clothes to avoid getting oil on them. She returned with a bath towel wrapped around her. We helped her on to the table and I started on her shoulders. She enjoyed this and I worked my way down her back removing the towel as I went. Then I moved to her bum, following the cleft and slipped a finger into her cunt. She wimpered in pleasure. After a while my boss asked her to turn over so that I could do her front. She protested, but eventually gave in. She was quite hairy but fair. My boss told her that her wanted to make love, I could see that he was very hard. She was v worked up and said yes. He stripped in double quick time and slid his cock straight up her. This was the first time I'd ever seen another couple screw at such close quarters. It was a real turn on. We then carried her into the bedroom and he asked her if she'd like to try me out. She simply looked at me and held her hand out. I stripped and walked over to her a bit worried. She grabbed at me with her legs and pulled me towards her. I slipped in easily and came after two thrusts. How embarrassing. My boss took over while I recovered. But second time around it was much better. She appreciated my extra inch over my boss's length (I'm 7") and she came several times with a shudder. Since then we've had repeat performances every six months or so. I've also had her on my own which is another story. But it's hard to schedule meetings very often. I'd like to have organised another couple or single lady but I realise that meeting someone can be difficult. I'd be happy to fill in more detail if anyone's interested. Bye for now.