Written by Helen

4 May 2004

This happened way back in 1981, when i was 21 and hadnt been married long. A guy from work Peter,who was 31 who i knew fancied me ,asked me to go away for a dirty weekend. I told a girl friend of mine at work what hed said and she said that her caravan was free that weekend and would i fancy making it a forsome with her and Peters younger brother who was 29 . Gladys who was in her late thirties was a bit of a raver and was well up for it she said the caravan had two seperate rooms and would be ideal for a weekends shagging.She said to tell my hubby that i was going with her for a weekend break and she would tell her bloke the same. we arranged for Peter and Dave to meet us at the campsite. As soon as we got there gladys and dave went to their room and began shagging.I was in the other room with Peter and it wasnt long before he was between my legs giving me a good fucking. We could hear Gladys moaning and screaming "fuck me" through the thin walls and Peter said that his kid brother had a big tool and would give her a good seeing to. We finished shagging cleaned up and all went to the local pub for dinner and a pint. After we got back to the caravan Gladys said we needed some food for the tea and Peter said hed drive her to the nearest shop leaving me and Dave alone together.Dave said that Peter had been going on about this bird at work for ages and that hed been dying to fuck her, and now having seen me he wouldnt mind shagging me too. Remembering what Peter had said about his tool i said ok lets see what youve got. Dave pulled his pants down and out popped a very big cock much bigger than Peters or my hubbys . I quickly got on my knees and Dave took me doggy style pushing his cock deep into me .It wasnt long before he shot his load in me. Dont say anything to our kid he said as he got dressed.About ten minutes later Peter and Glad came back and after a cup of tea we were all at it again. Peter commented on how wet i was ,he didnt know it was his brothers cum and before long he was filling me with cum.The weekend followed that pattern shagging drinking shagging until Sunday night when i went home. Hubby asked if id enjoyed myself and i said it was ok but i didnt get much sleep cos of the beds being hard.He was horny after a couple of days on his own so we were swiftly at it until he shot in me and fell asleep. The problem was that 4 weeks later i was pregnant and not sure whose it was ,Peters Daves or my hubby. Hubby obviously assumed it was his and 9 months later i had a boy although im still not sure whether he is daves or peters i know hes not ny hubbys cos he looks nothing like him