Written by Jacqui

31 Aug 2006

This story follows on from my story of 25 April “First Experience – Give Me More” and continues our adventures of sexual promiscuity since that first night. Sam and Jay had given us a great night to remember and whilst feeling sore for the next few days neither Paul, nor myself had any regrets. Moreover, we had visited clubs in Leeds and Sheffield having good times with our couples on each occasion and were now on the look out for more fun.

Paul often visits London on business and from his business receipts I know he does a reasonable amount of entertaining of clients in and around Soho and have never had any trouble accepting it. Over the next few months after our fun with Sam & Jay, he would bring me various presents home from his trips away ranging from various sex toys and videos to erotic clothing made of rubber and leather. These presents always met with my approval and I was more than willing to fulfil his fantasies acting like a complete slut in and around the bedroom (or where ever took our fancy) which seemed to really turn him on and our sex life was fantastic.

A couple of weeks ago he said he was going to be down in London again for a couple of days and it would be good to get away from the kids and spend some quality time together. I agreed and we sorted for the kids to stay with grandparents for a long weekend. Paul travelled down on the Wednesday and I followed on the Friday morning having spent 2 nights playing games with him over the web cam on a night and also having done plenty of research on the net for places to go shopping during Friday afternoon. Paul would be tied up until 6ish so having arrived late morning and dropping off bags at the hotel, I had a light bite for lunch set off to explore the Soho shops. I was not disappointed, there were some great shops selling all sorts of equipment and outfits / clothing and ended up spending a fortune in Agent Provocateur (an indulgence of mine) and got a outfit from a shop called Paradiso (well worth a visit).

Exhausted, I went back to the hotel and soaked in the bath making sure I would look my best for our first night out. Paul called about 5.30pm to say he was running late and would be with clients until 7.30 / 8.00ish as they were going for drinks and suggested I should get dressed up for a night on the town and to make sure I looked my hottest as he was all pumped up from 2 nights of teasing over the web cam and that he was ready for some full on fun. I decided that it would be good to surprise him with my new purchases so put on seamed fishnet stockings held up by a black latex corset which pushed my firm 34c tits (pressie from Paul about a year ago) into a great cleavage and just covered my nipples. My Brazilian waxed pussy felt so smooth that there would be no need to wear and panties and I completed my outfit with a knee length pencil skirt, fitted jacket and high heels. I looked fantastic in the mirror with just the right blend of style and sexiness without looking a complete slut. I got some admiring glances in the lift and lobby and the porter was more than helpful getting me a cab to get across town – I really couldn’t think why!!

I met Paul at a bar in Leicester Square at just after 8.30pm and his eyes nearly popped out when he saw me. We had a few drinks and went for a meal; all the time Paul begging to get a bit of me and I did my normal wait till later act whilst letting him see plenty of what was on offer. We went to a few bars in Soho after the meal and feeling more and more tipsy with all the wine and beers I started to let him have a good feel of my stocking tops and sneak a sly finger into my pussy in the crowded bars. By about 12ish I suggested we might go to one of the clubs that Paul frequents with clients as we were both feeling really horny and I had enjoyed previous visits to such clubs in Leeds. Paul asked if I wanted to go to a new place one of his clients had taken him to the previous night, it was a bit more risqué than normal strip clubs but could be interesting. I agreed and off we went down a few side streets. We arrived at a small black door, knocked and waited. The door opened slightly and a big black bouncer must have recognised Paul from the previous night as he motioned for us to come inside.

Inside it was fairly dimly lit and hot. I left my jacket at the cloakroom and got compliments from the attendant about how sexy I looked in my corset top. We made our way through various scantily clad ladies to the bar to get drinks. I hitched my skirt up to get on a bar stool which left the tops of my stockings showing much to Paul’s pleasure. There was a good mix of guys and girls in the club and a small well lit stage over towards one corner. Paul continued his quest of gently touching my wet pussy whilst I sat at the bar and was spotted by one of the working girls who said to him that she bet that it felt good to which he replied it did and maybe she could have a closer look later. I needed the loo and went off upstairs passing various guys who asked if I would like to perform for them which made me feel even hornier. Coming out of the loo’s I took at wrong turn down one of the corridors and passed a door, which was slightly agar. Inside I couldn’t see much but it was obvious that there were at least two guys having sex with a girl and before I could see any more a bouncer appeared and moved me on.

Back in the bar the lights had dimmed more and a crowd had gathered nearer to the stage. On it was a leggy blond lying on a bench with her legs strapped wide apart at the ankles in some form of stirrups. She had a sex toy deep in her pussy and was thrusting harder and harder as the music played. From the back of the stage appeared a muscular guy in a leather g string who blind folded her and then took out his penis and put it in her mouth. He must have been 6inches flaccid and soon grew to a thick 9/10 inches as she sucked away at him. Once he was rock hard he strapped her hands above her head, removed the sex toy and entered her in one great push. She screamed with pleasure as he banged away for a good five minutes before shooting his load all over her tits. She was then untied and handed a towel to clean herself up. Everyone went back to drinking and Paul said did I enjoy that. I said I did and asked who the girl was, assuming she was one of the strippers. Paul replied that she was one of the punters and that her husband had volunteered her (apparently without much persuasion need). I told Paul what I had seen upstairs to which he replied that he said it was a different kind of club.

Next thing I remember is the dark haired girl who had caught Paul with his finger up my pussy came over and started chatting to us. She was called Gina and commented on my sensual dress sense and how it would be easy to mistake me for one of the working girls. Paul continued to buy drinks and over the next 20 mins we got to know each other and chatted about the show on the stage and what I had seen upstairs. Gina kept brushing her hand across me as we chatted and was soon stroking my inner thigh without any resistance from me, gently brushing my pussy lips every now and then. Paul said why don’t you have a proper feel and I opened as wide as my skirt would allow to give her access. She slide two of her beautifully manicured fingers deep into my wetness and over the next couples of minutes increased the tempo bringing me to the edge of climaxing before stopping. God I was frustrated but she said that was only the start and why didn’t we all go somewhere quieter. I looked at Paul who nodded and she took me by the hand and off we went down another corridor.

At the end was a red door behind which was a large room with leather chairs / sofas and an assortment of padded tables / benches designed for only one thing, SEX. Just as we entered a girl was leaving, replacing what little clothing she had as she went. Two good looking guys were sitting in their boxers and had obviously been having a good time with the girl. Gina asked if they were done but I said there was no need to rush on our account. Gina locked the door and opened a bottle of bubbly for us all. The bubbles went straight to my head and I grabbed Gina thrusting my tongue deep down her throat, my hands feeling her all over. Gina reciprocated in kind and pulled my skirt of the floor before pushing me back onto one of the padded tables. She removed her see through dress exposing great firm breasts and then buried her studded tongue deep into my wet pussy. She licked and flicked my clit for a couple of minutes whilst the guys just sat and watched. Then she pulled me up lay down herself ordering me to climb on top 69 style with my arse and pussy in the air for the guys to see. I did as I was told and buried my head into her pouting mound. She continued to eat me and then I felt a cold sensation as she poured lube all over my tight bum hole, it running down over my pussy and clit. One of the guys handed her a toy from the shelf, which was big and black and had two ends to it. She covered it in more lube and forced one part gently into my pussy with the other pushing hard at my bum hole. Gina said to relax and within seconds both my holes were filled. In and out went the toy, Paul taking pictures of me on his phone as I came towards climax with my head buried in her pussy. I could hold out no more and came in an enormously loud way as Gina switched the toy on sending vibrations into my pussy and arse.

I lay back on the table and Gina said that that was just the start. Paul got to get to his feet but the other 2 guys held him in his seat as Gina came across and yanked his trousers and boxers down. They then strapped his wrists to the chair and once he couldn’t move she started to eat his stiff member very slowly. Each time taking him right to the back of her throat and then out so that her lips just touched the tip of his cock. The 2 other guys then came over to me and lifted me onto another table just in sight of Paul. It looked like a cross with various straps attached to it but as I got laid on it, it was obvious that it could be moved in various ways. I was laid so that my bum was on a pad just overhanging the end of the table, and my head rested on a pad at the top. My arms were stretched out side ways and fastened by cuffs to the bed. Rests came from underneath which supported my legs, forced them wide apart and were fastened again by cuffs at the ankle. I was totally exposed, pussy red and puffy and wide open, stockinged legs tied apart and my firm tits now jutting out the top of my corset with nipples as stiff as ever. Paul look at me with Gina still going up and down on him, I just winked back at him.

Helpless to anything else, the 2 guys then started to kiss, lick and stroke me all over. They pawed at my firm breasts, sucked hard on my nipples and licked hungrily at my pussy. Gina beckoned to them as she rose from Paul’s cock with cum dribbling down the sides of her mouth. He had lasted longer than I had expected. She came over to me and kissed me deeply letting the remainder of his seamen fill my mouth. She then told the guys I was theirs to do as they like as she had finished with me and the Paul was in no position to argue, just watch. She turned and went to the door and left leaving the door wide apart for anyone to see in. The guys dropped their boxers revealing solid 9/10-inch cocks, which were totally shaven. I then realised that one was one of the guys who had taken the girl on the stage earlier. Paul asked if I was OK and I replied give it too me now, which was all the encouragement they needed. One went straight into my mouth making me choke at first it was so thick and deep, pawing at my breasts as I got into a good rhythm. The other put lube on his cock and thrust in one move deep into me. He banged away at my pussy harder and harder stretching me like I had never felt before. I felt like a complete slut but was enjoying every minute of the experience. I could see people passing the open door, stopping for a few seconds before being moved on. This must have been the room I had passed earlier on, on the way back from the toilets.

The guys stopped for a moment and the one in my pussy withdrew leaving a trail of my juices over the table. He adjusted my legs so they went straight in the air lifting my buttocks off the table slightly. I continued sucking the other guy and felt a wet coldness around my bum hole as more lube was poured over it. Then the tip of his cock was pushing against me trying to ease its way in. I let Paul take my anally about once a month but always when I am on all fours and he is not as big at about 6 inches. On my back they guy eased in slowly as I tried to relax, inch by inch until he was about half way in then the rest of the way in one big thrust which made me scream with pain like never before. Within seconds it had subsided and he began to shag my arse like he had my pussy, deep fast and relentless. The guy I was sucking went stiff and he shot his load deep down my throat making me choke as I swallowed as much as I could, the rest dribbling down my face. I am not sure when but Gina had returned and was now riding Paul facing away from him so she could watch me get fucked, her tits bouncing up and down as she fondled them and gestured with her lips to me.

After about five minutes the guy in my bum hole went ridged and pulled out shooting his load all over my corset and tits. He rubbed his come into my tits and came round so that I could lick him clean. His mate took another toy from the shelf and started to fuck my pussy with it making sure the vibrations were on full. The pleasure it gave me was immense making me climax so much that I didn’t notice at first he had become stiff again and was pushing at my wide open bum hole. In he went with no real resistance as I was fucked in my mouth, pussy and bum. I screamed at the guy to give me all he had and to shoot his load up my arse which he did within about 60 seconds.

I lay on the table exhausted and totally used as the guys untied me and gave me a towel to clean myself up. I looked across and Paul had been untied and was banking Gina hard in the arse as she bent over a bench. He shot his load all over her back and she turned to suck him clean. We tied ourselves up as best we could and thanked Gina as we left the room. She just winked at Paul.

Outside the club the air was cold and I must have looked like a real state. We jumped in a taxi to take us back to the hotel. Paul said to me had I enjoyed the experience to which I replied it was further than I thought I would have liked to go, but once it started it had been fantastic. I asked why he hadn’t tried to step in at any time at which point he explained that Gina had spent most of the previous night dancing for him. They had talked about our sex life, what went on in the club and that I was coming down for the weekend. Gina had said to bring me in if I was up for it and they had arranged for all that had happened. Had I not been willing it would have never started or gone as far as it did. I said that I was the one that was meant to surprise you with my attire but as always you had out done me. We slept in late the next morning and recounted the night before over brunch. No regrets by either of us lead to a great days shopping and another night out on the Saturday. But that’s another story for another time!!!!