Written by horny45

28 Sep 2006

The party gradualy wound down at about 11pm and the last couple left at about quarter past.Darcy had been close to me talking sex with her eyes and somtimes whispering little things about how wet she was,how she had to pop into the loo to wipe herself as could feel her juice and my cum starting to trickle out of her panties and down her thighs,and how much more cock she wanted later.After they had all gone we both actualy fancied a mug of tea which I then made and we went into the living room and collapsed on the settee.

She had shed her jacket and was now just in her skirt and blouse,she was looking as horny as I have seen any woman and my hand pushed between her legs and onto her soaking panties,it was the first time I had actualy seen what lingerie she was wearing and that nearly made me pop again there and then,semi transparent white panties matching suspender belt tan sheer stockings ,the crotch was almost completely trans parent she was so wet and although when we had fucked earlier I knew she was hairy , but that did not prepare me for the sight of her thick silky bush splilling out of the sides of her panties and the top of her panties. There was even a thin trace of hair running right up to her belly button.All this hair framed a thick full pair of lips and a very visible clit.My fingers stroked her through her panties as she undid her blouse and front bra clip revealing a perfect pair of pert but full nippled breasts.As I slid my hand inside her panties she told me to go and get a large towel as she knew that she would ejaculate heavily with my fingers tongue or cock working on her,this did not surprise me at all as she had dribbled quite heavily as she had cum when we had the quick fuck in the cellar.I was so horny by now that I did not know what to do first,so I went and got a towel and as I folded it and slid it under her bottom she slid herself out of her panties revealing one the horniest hairiest cunts I had ever seen and believe me when I say I have seen a few.She made the decsision for me by pulling my face down to her mound gasping to be sucked and licked ,her reaction was almost instant and I felt her whole body shake as she climaxed within about a minute gushing cum all over my face and tongue ,there is nothing to beat the scent and taste of a fully aroused cunt that is the center of a huge climax.Darcy was writhing around as her orgasm ran its course ,by this time I just had to get my cock into her cunt and I pushed her back and pulled her legs apart and literaly just thrust my cock right up into her soaking tight cunt hole,one of her legs came around my back we were both so worked up that both of us were thrusting against each other,she could sense I was about to cum and pulled back gasping that she wanted me to spunk all over her cunt tits and thighs,as I pulled out of her another gush of cum squirted from between her lips all over my cock.I let go a couple of really big squirts and about four more follow ups that covered her beautifully .She has naturally slightly light creamy coffee skin so the spunk showed up really well particularly in pubic hair. we spent the next half hour playing around and she also gave a fantastic simultaneous suck and wank.It was obvious that she was going to stay the night and after messing around we went up to the bedroom were she again got another large towel. I had walked up the stairs behing her with a fantastic view of the rear of her cunt clearly framed by her bottom.At the top of the stairs I could not resist pulling her back to me and slipping my cock between her cunt lips and just rubbing my helmet along her slit.As I was doing that she tilted her head back and whispered that she wanted to have her ass fucked. Life could not at that point get much better and the thought of giving that dream babe a massive anal fuck was making me even harder.We eventualy fell asleep about 2.30 in the morning ,the events of the rest of the night and what happened the day after will be in the next instalment but I can say that involved lots of sucking fucking and wanking and lots of spunk and pussy cum.