Written by Rob from Walsall

24 Apr 2004

Having been trying to find a couple on swinging sites for some months, i had just about given up hope of finding what i was looking for when i read one of your stories and i replied to the sender (forget the title). well anyway some days went by when i got this e-mail saying please come and play with my wife as we've just read your reply and it's got my wife extremly wet and wanting to meet you, as it were the couple only lived in Birmingham and i come from Walsall and it only took me 30 mins to get from my house to theirs.

When i got there the man who had e-mailed me mike answered the door he was about 45 large build like myself with just a bathroom robe on. He invited me in said thanks for getting here so quickly and told me to go straight up to the bedroom were i would find is wife. Fuck me i nearly died the wife was learning over the bed with her ass in the air and just told me to get my cock out and fuck her hard and don't stop untill i cum inside her, i couldn't get my trousers down fast enough i pulled my cock a few times to make sure i was good and hard and thurst straight up her, boy was she wet i rode this women who i wouldn't of known her name if it wasn't for her story i had read untill i came, we collasped on the bed and as we lay there totaly shagged i noticed mike videoing the whole thing. well anyway i was going just to finish there i got to my knees by the side of Jenny's face and told her to suck our juices from my cock which she enjoyably did until i was rock hard again, i turned her over lay her flat on the bed and slipped my cock into her again but this time Mike came and joined us he slipped his cock into her mouth (my first spit roast) Jenny was bucking her hips so i slipped an hand under her and rubbed her clit, fuck me did she cum i had trouble staying inside her, as i rode and rubbed jenny through her cum she told me to pull out of her and fuck her in the ass, my pleasure i thought to myself as she had one of the best asses i've ever seen especially for a women of about 40-45. Mike suddenly came inside Jenny's mouth which she greedily swallowed, this left just jenny and myself fucking in every posistion imaginable until my cock finally went sore after about 5 cums. We lay there for hours just talking about this and that untill finally we all fell asleep and i woke early in the morning with a ragging hard on that needed some service so the games from the night before started all over again.

I want to take this oppertunity to say thank you to Jenny & Mike for a great weekend and i hope to see you soon. Plus if there are any couples out there who would like me play with them please get in touch with me.