Written by Dolphin_slapper

25 May 2007

It was getting close to 5:00pm, almost knock off time, on an overcast May evening. My thoughts were simply trained on what dinner might entail when a white, non-descript van pulled up outside the office doors.

A man dressed in typical heavy duty blue work wear stepped out of the van and proceeded to stroll in with a box. He grunted a muffled greeting and, after checking that I was the correct recipient of the parcel, got me to sign some paperwork. The man departed without a word, whilst I almost absent handedly cut the packing tape from the box.

On opening the package, I was presented with a single piece of paper placed on top of some further packaging. Written in hand writing I'd pick anywhere was simply

"Don't look any further until the office is securely locked up, you won't want to be disturbed".

A sly smile played on the corners of my mouth as I wondered just what little game my wife was playing now.

Once the office was soundly closed up, I proceeded to investigate the remaining contents of the box. After digging through bubble wrap, I was surprised to find the only other item in the box was another note. The sly smile had now evolved to a wicked grin.

The note directed me to the computer, namely to get myself ready to take in the view of our camera set up at home. Once this was done, I was left looking at my wife looking straight back at the camera. Nothing actually happened for a minute or two, and I was just beginning to wonder where she was going with this, when she held up an open hand as if to indicate I should wait, got up and went, as i deducted later, to answer the front door. After a moment or two, my wife returned to sitting at the desk, directly in line with the camera.

The remaining advice on the note read only "sit back and enjoy - feel free to really enjoy, but don't tire yourself out"

My wife proceeded to run her hands up and down the front of her blouse, using slightly exaggerated movements to assure I had a good view. It soon became obvious that she was enjoying this, her nipples and tilted head giving the game away.

Eventually she ceased this and, whilst keeping her eyes fixed on the cam, beckoned the visitor over with a crooked finger. The lower torso and upper legs of evidently a male came into view. Let's face it, any man would be showing sure signs of arousal at this stage. On closer viewing, it was a man wearing heavy duty blue work gear. In a moment of rare clarity I realised the courier from a short while ago was getting a real treat.

His hands appeared big and rough looking, yet they seemed to caress and stroke her ever so gently as they worked the buttons to her blouse undone. I inhaled a small sharp breath as these magical hands now cupped my wife's naked heaving breasts. The thick fingers were now almost feverishly rolling and pinching the straining nipples, and the look on her face reflected pure lust as her eyes refused to break their stare at the cam.

The stare was even maintained as my wife reached for his belt and started to free him from his decidedly uncomfortable looking constraints. Again my breath was abbreviated as his rigid penis sprung forth on release, bouncing off her cheek. Her tongue flicked out almost nervously, lapping gently at the head, before transforming into a raging pink serpent. Every part of his impressive package was bathed lovingly with that snake.

I was glued to that little screen in my office sanctuary as she now stood and those hands moved in to remove her pants. Once again, her eyes bored in on the cam, as she was eased forward and our friend moved in to position behind her.

Their fucking was hard and furious, and that's exactly what it was - pure jungle fucking. All urge and lust and instinct, vicious and savage yet, beautiful in many ways. The look in her eyes as she once more zeroed in on the cam, Haunting.

He must have indicated he was close, as they stopped this wild ride and my wife sat back down, taking his now fiery red penis in her delicate hand. Soon this was a blur as she pushed him to the edge. Once he was over it, the result was devastating.

Thick white globules of cum now adorned her lips, her face, even her hair. In one final defiant move, he used the head of his penis to force as much of this back into her accommodating mouth as he could.

A quick clean up ensured, and our friend was gone. Out the door, just like that. It dawned then, that I did not see his face the whole time, and couldn't remember it from earlier. Not to matter, I decided I liked it that way.

My wife sat there, still eyeing the cam and calmly picked up her mobile.

I answered the phone before the second ring.

"Well" she began, "I've just been warmed up. It should only take you ten minutes to get home, shouldn't it?"