Written by NoName

7 Sep 2004

It Happened a couple of years ago, I was travelling to France on Brittany ferries from Portsmouth to St Malo on the overnight ferry. I had dinner and then went to my cabin to freshen up, and when I left the cabin to go to the bar a young guy in his early twenties was having trouble locking his cabin door next to mine. I helped him out by showing him how to lock the door and he thanked me and I went to the bar.

Half an hour later, the same guy came to the bar and stood next to me and we started to chat. He was on his way to Portugal and was working for a removal company. He was married with two kids, and was 23 years old. I 38 married with two children.

We had a few drinks and just before the bar closed I said good night and staggered off to my cabin. I was in there about ten minutes when I discovered that I did not have any water which I always take to bed. I was still dressed so got some change and went out of the cabin to go the vending machines. Just as I got out of the cabin, the guy I had been talking to was wondering around near my door. I said hello again and said that I had forgot my water.

That was that and I went to the vending area which was quite a walk. When I got there I purchased my water and started to walk back to my cabin. I met up with the guy again. I said you are either following me or me you, jokingly. He smiled and said that he was not tired and was on his way out on deck. I said thats a good idea, as it was a warm September night so I said I'll join you. It was 1 am in the morning and we were the only ones out at the back of the ship. We chatted about nothing special, but he was getting very close to me and I then thought for the first time that he may be after some cock. Not having done anything Bi before, and never ever thought about it, I did start to get horny at the thought of it. Here I was on the back of a ship at 1 am chatting to a tall slim 23 year old male who seemed very interested in me. I had not had sex with my wife for over a week and was a bomb waiting to go off! I thought to myself what the hell, and turned the conversation to sex. We chatted about our wives, and what they liked in bed etc. and then I asked him out of the blue if he had ever had sex with a man, he said no and I told him that I had never done it either. He said that he had always wanted to try it. I immediately said do you want to give it a try as I was feeling horny and would give it a go. He said straight away that he had been waiting for me to say something like that. So I said lets go back to my cabin. We did not say much to each other on the way but when we got in my cabin and locked the door, I sat down on one bunk to take my shoes off and he came to the bunk opposite and stood up next to me. I could see a bulge in his pants so started to undo his jeans. I pulled them down and he flung his shoes off and he was standing there in black boxers. I felt horny as hell and grabbed either side of his boxers and pulled them down. I could not believe my eyes as his cock was standing straight up against his belly and was about 10 inches long quite thick with a wonderful bell end. His balls seemed quite small but I was interested in his cock I gave it a wank and then he was asking me to remove my jeans which I did. My cock was hard as a rock although only 7 inches and quite thick it looked small to his. He started to wank me off and I said slow down. I sat him down on the bunk opposite and I started to suck him off. What a horny feeling that was. I was playing with his balls and then I put a finger up his arse which he seemed to like. I said would you let me shag your arse and he said go ahead. I lifted his legs up and put my cock at the entry of his arse. My cock was dripping with pr-cum so no lubricant was required. I pushed my cock in gently and the tip entered him. He moaned a bit and then I pushed it in a bit further. I got all of my cock in using slow small pushes and when It was fully in I started to pump his arse. He was wanking his big cock as I was pumping him and his moans were turning to pleasurable ones. I was about to burst when he said that he was cumming. He shot his load all over his face and there was a big white blob of cum on his mouth. I was in such a horny trance and about to shoot my load, I Kissed the cum on his mouth and started to snog him with all of the cum squelching between our tongues. His arse was squeezing my cock with his spasms and I shot a weeks load deep into his arse and I can honestly say it was the best cum I had ever had. I jerked for ages after and pulled out my cock. His cock was still hard as a rock although mine had deflated a bit. I suggested we have a shower and we went into the bathroom were I turned on the shower. He said he felt that his arse was full so I said try for a fart which he did and all my spunk splodged on to the shower floor. That even turned me on. We showered and then we dried each other and both hard again I started to suck him off. It was not long before he said that he was cumming and so I carried on a little faster as I could not wait to see what it felt like. Next thing his cock started to twitch and the a warm squirt came into my mouth then another and then another. It did not feel bad at all so I swallowed it and loved every minute of it. It did not taste as it smelt in fact it was very nice. to my surprise.

He then sucked my cock which was rock hard it did not take long and I shot another load into his mouth. He swallowed every bit and then came up and we kissed for ages. He then started to wank himself off, he said he wanted to come on my balls. within a couple of minutes he came again onto my balls and then started to suck them. I said that I wanted to return the favour and did the same in return. We fell asleep and when the intercom woke me up, we wanked each other off again, hardly any cum came out, but was it horny as hell. We said our goodbyes and that was it. The one and only Bi experience which was a shock to me and him I'm sure and I forgot to ask him his name.