Written by Stuart

23 Dec 2004

Last Saturday my wife and I were on call to taxi our two daughters and their friends around.About 9 pm Ginny our eldest called to say that one of their party,Sue,wasnt feeling to well and could one of us run her home.The wife was watching CSI so I said I would go.

Fifteen minutes later I met them outside the club.Sue wasnt to steady on her feet and looked a little ashen.I told Ginny that I could manage and told her to rejoin her other friends inside while I ran Sue home.At her flat she asked me to see her to the door incase there was anyone lurking around.Sue had difficulty opening the lock,so while I opened the door Sue lent against me giving me a clear view down her cleavage.Sue asked me to make her some coffee while she went to the bathroom.After coffee I asked if she was going to be ok,she nodded and said she would probably go to bed.As I went to leave she stood up but lost her balance and fell against me throwing her arms around my neck to save herself.My own arms went to catch her,for a moment we were in an awkward embrace.As we went to disentangle ourselves the straps of her dress slipped from her shoulders revealing her naked breasts.Sue didnt try to cover herself but asked if I liked what I saw.I said I was old enough to be her father and that she should cover herself up.Sue said it was an early xmas present and I should enjoy it as she unwrapped it.Before I could answer Sue had wriggled out of her dress and stood almost naked in front of me except for her thong and hold up stockings.Sue said that she had always fancied me and had held a childhood crush on me ever since we were introduced many years back.I tried to look away but Sue stepped forward and embraced me kissing me full on the lips.Over come by the situation I held her close and responded.Sue was grinding her body into mine and soon got the desired response she was looking for,my cock stiffened against her.She slipped one hand down into my trousers and began to massage my cock,she moaned as her hand made contact.Dropping to her knees she quickly unzipped me and released my cock.Taking it both hands she guided it to her lips where she licked away the precum before taking it into her mouth.She was like a kid with a lollypop,licking and sucking it.Sue stopped for a moment,stood,then led me by my cock to her bedroom.She quickly stripped off her thong and pleaded for me to give her oral sex.Kneeling between her open thighs I gently rubbed her fanny lips before inserting two fingers deep inside her searching for her g spot.Sue squirmed with pleasure as I massaged her insides,her juices flowing all over my hand.I stopped to lick them they tasted almost sweet with a slight pungent flavour.I replaced my fingers with my tongue and lapped deep into wet fanny.Sue was moaning out loud that no man had ever made her feel this good and that she was right that older men knew what they were doing when it came to sex.Suddenly she tensed and almost immediately came,orgasm came one after another till she finally lay back,tears streaming down her face.Sue said she had never multi orgasmed before and wished I could stay and we become proper lovers.I got up from the bed and was about to leave when she said I hadnt come and she couldnt let me go without finishing me off.I said it was ok but made her promise that what had happened tonight was a one off and she should tell no-one.

Over breakfast the next morning Ginny asked if Sue was ok and asked me to run her over to her flat to check.When we arrived Sue was very bright and perky and told Ginny I had been the perfect gentleman and put her to bed fully clothed she might add.As we left Sue slipped me a note which I read when I was alone.It said she knew last night was a one off and promised never to tell but pleaded for me to come back and make love to her.She also gave her mobile number and asked me to ring her asap.

I sat at work allday pondering whether I should call her.I rang her late on Monday to say that I would give her an answer on New Years Eve when she comes over for the party we have arranged.As I write this the thought of Sue and her nubile 18 year old body is making me horny.If anything does happen I will let you all know.