Written by Maggie

22 Dec 2003

About 10 years ago, when I was in my mid-forties, I got a part-time job as a nurse/receptionist with an Indian doctor whose one-man practice was in the next town.

Almost as soon as I started he made it clear that he wanted more than "professional" services from his new employee, and although I was shocked, at least it explained why the job paid so well! I was also quite surprised that he'd picked me for the job, as I'd seen some of the other applicants and a few of them were younger and much prettier ... I'm nowt special to look at, dyed blonde hair and very plump. But I soon found out what it was that had attracted him to me - he liked women with big boobs, and mine are 46EE, so there were two good reasons for choosing me!

I'll be honest, I've never had a very adventurous sex life, and I don't care much for it - not that I mind it, just that I don't see what all the fuss is about. I've never let my hubby go short in the bedroom department, mind - like any other man, he'd only go and get it somewhere else if I didn't give him what he wanted. That's the attitude I adopted with the Dirty Doc - give him what he wants, and get it over with as soon as possible.

I worked there Monday, Tuesday and Friday, and the routine was always the same. We closed for an hour at lunchtime, and before he had his lunch I had to unbutton my dress and take it off my shoulders, so I could undo my bra and take it off. I'd stand in front of him, seated in his chair, and let him play with my boobies ... sometimes he just fondled them, sometimes he sucked on my nipples too. Then I'd kneel down and he'd take his willy out and I had to use my mouth on him. I soon found out he was one of those fellas who likes it soft and slow (not like my old man - he likes me to go fast), and it usually only lasted about five minutes before he would come. I'd never had a man blow off in my mouth before, but he made it clear that he wanted his spunk in my mouth, so what the hell. Swallowed it too, although the first few times I gagged a little at the funny taste.

Come 5.30 or so we'd close for the day and after I'd cleaned up the surgery I had to strip off altogether and give him a ride on the surgery bed. I started off wearing white tights to work,but he likes the old stockings and sussies, so I went out and bought a pair of white sussies and white fishnet stockings, which I kept in my desk drawer and changed into every morning, so he could see me in them when I stripped off at closing time.

I usually had to suck him again until his willy was hard, then I'd bend over the bed and he'd give me a poke from behind. His cock's nothing to write home about in the length department, but I'll say this for it, it's quite thick and he could keep it good and hard for a long time. When he'd had enough of screwing me from the back I would lie down on the bed and he'd climb on top and go at me again. He always did it really hard, and he liked to talk dirty to me - some of the things he used to say!

Luckily he didn't expect me to talk back to him, so I just lay there and wiggled a bit and let out the occasionaly moan, and that seemed to keep him happy. Luckily also, I'd had my tubed tied a few years previously, so he was able to do me bareback, which he liked.

After maybe 10 or 15 minutes of this he would let out a huge groan and I'd feel his spunk spurting out into my fanny. He'd slump on top of me for a few moments, then we'd get cleaned up and dressed, and go home.

I worked there for over two years and we had the same routine for those three days of the week all the time I was there. I know he was doing the same thing to the other part-time nurse who worked there the other two days, and I bet he fucked a few of his female patients too - some of them were plump with big tits, just the way he liked them.

I moved away from the area after that, and I've never seen him since. I wonder if he's still riding his nurses, wherever he is, today?