Written by Amie

23 Apr 2004

I ma 23 years old and training very hard to become a nurse. I have been to lots of good partys and yes shagged alot of male nurses and doctors and had lesbian sex with a few girls.

One doctor inparticular is a real flirt. Hes married and his wife who is pregnant, hes in his late fortys. Hes always winking at me and any chance he gets he flirts and touches my arse, comes behind me and pushes his cock in to the back of me and tells me does it feel good.

For a while i have ignored him, i no hes slept with most of my friends but they will never admit to it.

Well not long ago i was feeling really horny one morning and in he comes and tells me im working with him today, i thought great!!! He starts to tell me what he wants me to do and as the morning goes on he starts touching and rubbing him self past me. He then tells me hes not getting it at home and is so horny, he asks me about my boyfriend and then i say i dont have one, so his remark to that is great your not getting it either.

By mid afternoon hes saying naughty things like do i like my cunt being kissed, im getting more horny and think fuck it. I walk over to him and open up my dress to show him my see through black bra, im a 36c tits, his eyes nearly drop our of his head. He then smiles and tells me he needs to see more. He gets up of his chair locks the door and shuts the blind. Im sat on the edge of the table and he sits back down and says well go on show me more. I pull up my dress and show him my black thongs, he then puts his hands on my legs and rubs them up my thighs to his fingers are stroking my nickers, he then with both hands parts my legs and stands up, he un does his trousers and i can see how turned on he his, i put my hand inside his trousers and rub his big cock he his loving it and then calls me a dirty slut and do i need a good fucking, i smile and nod. He then pulls his trousers and pants down and his cock springs out in front of me hes huge, i lean forward and take him in my mouth, sucking on him and licking him all over with my tongue, i suck up and down on him and he then tells me to stop else he will shoot his load in my mouth. I pull our and lie back and pull my thongs down so he has full view of my shaven cunt, he parts my lips and then licks my clit softly and fingers me at the same time, im dripping wet as he tongues my hole and licks all over me, im panting and begging to be fucked by him, he stands up with all my juices all over his face he takes of my bra and sucks hard on my nipples and touching my big tits, hes slurpping as he sucks on them and kisses them telling me my tits are lovley, he then asks me if im ready for a good fuck i beg him do it now. He climbs on top of me on the table and with no time at all his cock is in my cunt, im so wet it just slips in with no trouble. He pushes in and tells me im so tight he soon fucks harder and alot faster, i could feel the tip of his cock hitting the back of me ive never been taken so hard, as he calls me a slut as he rams into me one more time he shoots his come and fills me up, the feeling of his wet come inside me makes me shudder and let go i shake and scream with his hand over my mouth so no one can hear me. A knock then comes on his door and we can hear voices, he whispers to me quick get dressed its my wife outside. I feel even more naughty to think hes just fucked me on his table and had loads of oral sex and his wife is outside the room.

We quickly get dressed and then when it goes quiet i sneek out of his room. As i walk down the corridor his wife comes round the corner and smiles at me, shes heavily pregnant i smile back and think would you be so nice if you new i had just pleased your old man.