Written by D

28 Jan 2005

just after newyear there my friend an i were bored stupid so decided to take off to the pub, we sat chattng and looking around, we very rarely wear underware and every now and again we would make a point of either sitting on a high stool and opening our legs flashing at the guys sitting at the tables across from us or one of us would drop something so we would have to get off the stool and bend over giving the guys a view of a bare butt,ne ways this particular night the pub was packed, as we made to leave i told paula i was off to the loo and to meet me at the door, when i got back she was chatting to some guys, she asked if we could stay for another couple and i said yes, we sat chatting for a while and then we made to leave, Paula said that she couldnt b bother with the pub scene so how bout we go back to her house and watch a DVD and have a drinnk there, so we headed off to her house, we got in and she got the booze out 4 dif flavorse of schnapps and 2 bottles of flavore vodkas and 6 shot glasses, she said lets play the drinking game, first she poured then mixed the glasses round and i knocked them back and said what flavor they were, then it was her turn after a couple of goes she said mmmm lets spice things up a little, lets take our panties of and what to do is have a lick of pussy then a shot and we have to say what flavor of booze it was, so the panties came off exposing my shaven pussy and her tidy shaven strip, she said right i wil go first i was a bit apprehensive cos i at that time hadnt done nething sexual with a woman before although had always wanted to try anyway i parted my thighs and felt her eyes looking at my shaven liups and exposed clitt and she smacked her lips she said that lloks good enough to feast on had a shot then licked my pussy from top to bottom just sliding her tongue in and then right up then had another shot then probed deeper with her tongue it felt devine and i was quickly aroused, she went thru all six shots each time spending a little longer on my pussy, thenit was my turn i was giddy with alchohaul she parted her legs and i slipped my tongue inbetween her pussy lips and tasted her yummm i had to have more, i had another shot then more pussy, why hadnt i tried this before we took turn about for about 30 minutes then i caought a movement at the side of my eye, paulas drapes had not been drawn and there was the bloke from the pub looking in her window, seeing us there pussys on full view and us eating each other out, Paula motioned for him to come in, i kept quiet paula once again went donw on me and the guy watched from across the other side of the sofa, paula asked him if he would like to taste he smiled and came over and very quickly had his head between my legs licking and sucking on my clit, while he was going down onn me paula got his hard cock nout his trousers and started wanking him and his breathing was coming hot and hard as he ate me. she then motioned to him to take his jeans off so her disrobed paula lay on the floor with her shoulders between his legs enough so his swollen cock was resting on her lips and she sucked him off while he licked me out, i felt the rise of orgasm and came in salty waves which made him lick me deeper and harder then he exploded in paulas mouth, we then swapped places and while he licked paulas clit i sucked and licked his balls and rubbed his cock till he was hard again. Once his cock was swollen. i lay on the floor with my legs splaid wide, paula sat on my face rubbing her wet cunt over my mouth and nose, the guy had straddled the bottom end of me presenting his ass and balls to paula, she then grabbed hold of his swollen cock and rubbed it while he went down on me. after a while we stopped for a few minutes then the guy announced that he thought we were hot bitches, I got on my hands and knees with my legs apart and the guy enerd me from behind slowly going in and out with his hard cock paula lay down and put her head between our legs and proceeded to lick both my pussy and his balls while we fucked i was in extascy as i had never had that done before in and out he went in my cunt with his cock while she licked back and forward across my cunt and his balls and shaft as he withdrew, he then quicly slppied his cock out, my ass was well lubed and his cock was coverd in my juices, he slowly slid his cock in my ass and started to ass fuck me, while paula put her hands between his legs and squeezed his balls. it was a hot evening enjoyed by all i never did catch his name and paula said she never knew who he was either and when she had chatted to him in the pub she never asked his name, she said she just asked him if he wanted to come and watch some girl on girl and he siad he couldnt wait, paula has aranged with him to do it again and this coming weekend we have arranged to meet in the park, he is going to flash his cock at us thru the trees and wank whuile we watch then we are going to sit on the bench in denim skirts and no knickers and paly with each other, yes we will be carefull but we love the excitement of outdoors and the feel of the air on naked cunts and knowing he is watching and that others might catch us, as its a well known place for dog walkers and most of em are male,,,,,mmmmmmmmmm bring it on