Written by Jodman_176

15 Mar 2004

We had been to a gig to watch one of those eighties bands, big hair, makeup and keyboards. My friend had driven my girlfriend and me there. On the long drive back down the motorway Lisa snuggled up to me and get comfortable for the journey home.

She started to caress my chest and arms which always meant she was hot and up for some fun.

Let me describe Lisa, dark skinned, large breasted, very highly sexed and passionate we had an active sex life and previously had been caught by cops, enjoyed a foursome of sorts, had sex in public toilets and even on the steps of my old school (but more of those exploits later….). Lisa came from a mixed race relationship and before me had been with a very well endowed man and I felt a certain need to provide a high level and quality of sex to make up for the lack of size. From what Lisa told me he was hung like a horse whilst I am a modest 6 ½” but as the phrase goes, never mind the size - count the orgasms…not one of my mothers sayings you understand.

Back to the drive home, we were in the back seat and it was quite dark and we started to kiss, nothing heavy to start with, gentle sucking on each others lips, exploring each other with our tongues and nibbling on her ear lobes. This always started to get her horny and soon her hands were reaching for my thighs. I covered my lap with my coat to hide our activity from Pete my friend and reached for her tits, which were always easy to find. Being young and proud of her body she hardly ever wore a bra and I soon had her buds hard and proud, lightly rubbing her and circling her nipples through her clothes.

Lisa meanwhile had moved her hands over my crotch and was rubbing my prick up and down through my jeans. I was conscious of my breathing and looking into the rear view mirror I was sure that Pete knew what we were up to and sneaking glances when he could but the heat was already too much and anyway there was no turning back now…I wanted those luscious lips locked round my cock at least.

I started to pull her t-shirt from the band of her jeans and, licking my finger, teased her nipple, Lisa drew her breathe quickly and VERY audibly, Pete now knew what was going on and being the friend I was let the coat drop into the footwell – he may be a friend but I wasn’t going to let him shag her – but a peepshow, well we were both up for that kind of fun.

I reached down to unzip her jeans and she raised her bum off the seat so I could push them down gently and began the trek down to her Pandora’s box. My fingertips met her bush of light hair and the scent met my nose the smell of sex, dark and musky, heavy and enticing. I swear my cock throbbed harder. I continued to run my hand down, stretching and reaching within the confines of the back seat, with one finger to find her wet valley.

My zip was slowly being undone notch by notch, throb by throb, I felt I was going to explode. I quickly looked in the mirror and saw Pete’s eyes glued to the mirror. Lisa’s hand reached into my jeans and pushed the band of my jockeys down to release my cock and quickly took me into her mouth. Another thing about Lisa is that she could take me all the way and I immediately felt the head of my cock touch the back of her throat as her lips met my pubes. She held this for a few seconds, biting the base of my manhood whilst sucking. Her left hand took both my balls and gently squeezed. When she started to work her way back up my cock she dragged her teeth along my vein, sending me rigid with pleasure and anticipation of what was to come.

Her head started to bob up and down whilst her hand squeezed my balls in time and built up quiet a rhythm – how Pete didn’t crash I will never know as he could not take his eyes of this sight going on in the back of his car, I started to tense ready to come but she had other ideas. Putting her fingers at the base of my lovestick, and applying pressure she knew how to extend and increase my orgasms. When she knew that I had passed the peak she continued her execution of love on my dick, my head hitting the back of her throat again.

Being the gentleman I tried to be, I had not been neglecting her and my finger was starting to pay dividends in her cunt as I felt the juices flowing and knew her time was near. Sensing this Lisa started to pump my dick with her hand as well as her mouth and I knew there was only one place this load was going.

With the streetlights whizzing by I started to buck my hips in time with her movements, thrusting my cock into her mouth, face fucking this beautiful, sensual girlfriend with the intent of laying my seed down her throat. My fingers were moving with the speed and dexterity of a guitarist and Lisa was panting ready to come. Grabbing her by the head I felt my seed rushing up to meet her and shot my load into those large loving lips. Lisa kept her lips locked on my cock and slowly milked every drop from me before she released me, letting the cool air make me twitch before kissing me transferring and sharing my jism. The strong salty taste tasted good, I brought my fingers up and licked off some off her juices before letting her taste herself and kissing each other passionately again.

We had quite forgotten Pete who had pulled onto a motorway services into a quite spot and was frantically pounding away in the front seat. Needless to say he didn’t ask for any petrol money.

The rest of the drive home was quite uneventful, as for some of our other exploits………later.