Written by Sarah,

1 Oct 2004

My life really began at 32 when my 12-year marriage ended. Up to then i dad been was a faithful wife. But now my new

husband loves the attention other men give me and i have had lots of lovers.

Within 6 months of my separation I had settled down with my 2 children into a small but nice mid terrace Victorian house which was a stones throw from my work and the kids school.

My divorce brought about a different outlook on life, 1st to take care of my children and 2nd not to get used by men again. I soon found however that I still wanted the sexual satisfaction that only another person can give as apposed to just using a vibrator. That was the reason I joined a singles club and also placed the odd contact ad in a local paper, not much Internet in those days. I deliberately evaded any emotion with the men, as it was purely to be fun and sex, for a while at least. I bought new clothes, things I would never have dreamt of wearing to work before were now worn every day. It got me noticed, the girls in the office thought it was a good change from the old Sarah, but some of the guys who in the past had chatted freely to me before when I walked through the engineering shop now seamed embarrassed to even come close to me. But the few who had been flirty loved it especially John W. I wore plunge neckline tops, short 16” skirts or deep skirts with long slits that opened as I moved. My tops were either silk or lace and very see through. My male boss even commented once with a big smile “put those puppies away Sarah, how are we supposed to concentrate”.

I met Paul at a singles club, he moved in with us a few months later and we married four years later. Paul encouraged my flirting from the beginning; he would debrief me every night in bed about anyone at work with whom may have flirted with me. He would ask, “I bet they want to fuck you don’t they? And, would you let them fuck you? Etc etc. He almost dressed me every morning; he would get clothes out while I was in the shower that he wanted me to wear. But mostly they were far to revealing for work. I had to keep some dignity; after all I had a respectable position in the accounts dept. I didn’t mind showing off the cleavage my 38C boobs can produce, and even some firm nipple projection. But he wanted me to leave nothing to the imagination. He was very persistent so as a compromise I let him choose my outfit for the xmas dance. We shopped especially for the occasion and he selected a short red silk dress, comprising of: a halter neck that basically had no back. Obviously he wanted me to wear stockings and suspenders even though it was so short. Wearing a bra was impossible, and even though I don’t always wear one this time I was concerned that my boobs may pop out the sides, as it was so backless.

I sensed that I might be flashing a little stocking top as I danced; Paul wanted to look from a distance. “Yep, as you twirl your flashing lovely white thigh, but it looks so good, don’t stop babe”. Stop! Who’s stopping I thought, and I twirled even more. I also had several slow dances with John W while Paul watched. He was so horny when I confirmed that John’s cock had been rock hard, that we had kissed secretly over the other side of the room and that he had been tracing my suspenders straps through my dress with his fingers. That night our sex was so fantastic, and as with many previous nights, we discussed the possibilities about my getting screwed by John, but this night was different, it was the first time I had proof John really wanted me. So we decided I should ask him home from work some lunchtime when Paul was out.

Coincidentally, the following Monday morning there was an envelope addressed to me on my desk. In it was a thank you card, which said. “From your No1 admirer, thank you for a wonderful party, you were beautiful on Saturday, more so than usual, if that were possible and the red thong and suspenders drove me wild. Love XXX. How the bloody hell did he know they were red?

It was most definitely from John, he denied it, but I knew, and when in the next breath I asked him home for lunch he didn’t hesitate for a second.

Normally I take the 10-minute walk to work but in his car it took just a few moments. I put the kettle on but as I turned around he had moved in so close behind me that I found myself trapped and pressed back up against the worktop. We kissed passionately and within what must have been less than a minute we had our hands inside each other’s clothing. My hands had undone his shirt buttons and were following the curves of his chest and waist, he felt so firm and hunky. One of is hands was quickly under my skirt and down the front of my panties and a finger was in me. The other was struggling to remove my top while I undid his trousers and put my hand inside his pants. Frustrated at his fight to remove my top he said “fuck this, turn around sexy” As I leaned up against the worktop I assisted him by removing my blouse while he pulled my skirt to the floor. My bra and thong followed close behind. As I felt the head of his penis between my legs I told him he had to wear a condom. Regrettably he had not come prepared and as Paul has had the chop we never have any to hand either. Shit! “Well ok, but for gods sake don’t cum inside me” were my words. I spread my legs, leant forward onto the worktop and pushed my bottom out toward him. His cock was probing for my love hole so I guided it in with my fingers and he began slow deep thrusts and it was mine. Ah heaven. Even though I was risking my health and pregnancy I could not say no. I did repeatedly remind him not to ejaculate. Occasionally, as with this position, he withdrew too far and his cock was loose like a wet snake trying to hide itself again, so I kept my hand between my legs and my fingers directed the thrusts into my hole. His hands were all over me, he was holding onto my hips, then caressing my back, pulling on my shoulders even reaching around to my front and fondling my breasts. As his groans got loader and his rhythm quickened I warned again about ejaculating, and again he assured me he was fine but without warning his body shook but then his cock was gone. He moved away holding his stiff shaft and gritting his teeth. “That was close, I just managed to hold on” he said. I looked down and saw that a bead of cum was balancing at its tip. I knelt in front of him and took it in my mouth. “Your turn for some pleasure now babe, get on your back”, “what do you mean, that wasn’t pleasure” I replied as I took him into the lounge so I could lie on the carpet. He got down between my legs and buried his head into my pussy, my god, all oral is great, but men have such varied techniques and his tongue was so different to Paul’s.

This is the bit Paul loves me telling him, over and over again.

I wanted John’s cock inside me so bad that I got on top of him and knew I was ready to climax. I also guessed that we should be getting back to work soon so had to be quick anyway. I rocked back and forth on his cock and fingered my clit at the same time. It doesn’t take me long to cum like that at the best of times but this would be a world record for me. As I reached the brink of my orgasm and my loins tensed and my juices trickled, I heard the words “Sarah you’re making me cum” But I couldn’t stop then, so I said nothing and exploded in wave after wave of ecstasy. I pushed down onto his groin, which restricted some of his movement, but I could already feel his cock pulsing inside me and I knew cum was already pumping, so it was to late to stop I enjoyed every moment of it. My climax subsided just before his so I gave him some pleasing groans as I moved my sopping pussy slowly up and down his shaft until he had emptied everything he had into me. And while I let him continue to play with my boobs, I smiled at him and then he apologised to me, ah bless, it wasn’t his fault was it? I phoned Paul asap to tell him about it and he fucked me senseless as soon as we got my kids to bed. I took a morning after pill just in case.

As John was also family man and I honestly believe hadn't slept around till then, Paul and I were more than happy for me to go on the pill so we could continue to have our lunchtime fuck sessions. Obviously his wife never knew, and John didn’t know Paul knew. I will post other details of my sex life again.

Love Sarah