Written by Mike and Pam

27 Mar 2004

I would like to tell you about a couple of friends of ours, Martin and Sarah.

We have known them for a number of years and used to go out drinking with them regularly. Sarah has always been a bit of a wild one. I know for a fact that she had at least a couple of affairs with the lads from the pub football team. She even propositioned me once at a New Year party. In short she had a bit of a reputation.

I felt a bit sorry for Martin, because she seemed to be the one with the upper hand in their relationship. She always decided when and where they had sex, if at all and it was always her that dictated when they went out. She was always buying stuff and running up huge card bills on his accounts. I kept telling him that he let her get away with too much and that he should put his foot down with her.

Then one day she stepped over the line. Martin owned a small warehouse and packaging company, employing about 30 people. His wife used to come in regularly and help him with the company accounts. Often she would flirt shamelessly with the men in the factory. During one of these visits she foolishly started up an affair with the warehouse manager. Everyone in the place seemed to know about it except Martin and it was obvious they were going to get found out sooner or later. Then one afternoon Martin came back from lunch early and caught the pair of them fucking on the Manager’s office desk.

Martin went absolutely ballistic, he even had the guy pinned up against the wall and I don’t know how he stopped himself from punching him. Then he took Sarah straight home to find out what the hell had been going on. Once he heard how long this had been going on, he told her to pack her bags. She was absolutely devastated about him finding out, and pleaded for his forgiveness, offering to do anything he said, if he could just give her another chance.

Once his anger died down, he realised that the tables had turned, the dominant wife that had once humiliated him in front of his staff, was here on her knees pleading for his mercy and offering anything he wanted in return. He thought for a few minutes and then answered.

“Anything”, he said. “You say you will do anything I ask”

She stopped crying for a moment, seeing there might still be a chance for her.

“Please, yes”, “I promise, if you let me stay, I will do whatever you want”.

After pausing for a while he started to speak again.

“Right, here is the deal”, “you have humiliated me in front of all my men

and I mean to see you humiliated in return”.

“Is that fair”, he said.

“How”, Said Sarah. “What do you expect me to do”.

“Remember the new car you were after, well you are going to finance part of it yourself”.

“This is how”.

“When you come in to work tomorrow, you will arrive in just a basque and stockings”.

“You have behaved like a whore and you are going to raffle yourself to all the men in the company at £50 per ticket and the proceeds will go towards your car”.

“If you don’t sell every man in the company a ticket then the deal is off and you can leave”.

Then he made it clear to her what the raffle prize was to be. That she would be gang fucked by the three winning men and she must submit to any demand, no matter how extreme made by the winners. This was to take place for the whole afternoon, or until they had finished with her. There were also two further conditions. All the winners must have their dicks shaved by Sarah before they could take part in the gangbang and the whole thing would be photographed.

“That’s totally unreasonable”, said Sarah.

“Take it of leave it”, “that’s the deal”

Sarah thought for a minute.

“Ok, I will do it”, she said.

Martin, smiled to himself, for once he felt real power in his relationship.

I don’t think that Sarah thought that he would go trough with it, but she was wrong.

The next morning Martin, chose an extremely revealing basque from her wardrobe and ordered her to put it on. She reluctantly obeyed, covering herself with a long cream raincoat before climbing into the car. They stopped at the stationers where Martin purchased a book of raffle tickets. Although she felt very apprehensive and embarrassed about what Martin was making her do, Sarah somehow found his new assertiveness a bit of a turn on.

They arrived in the car park and Martin made her take off the raincoat.

She felt her nipples stiffen as soon as they met the cool air, making the outfit look even more provocative. Her breasts were almost spilling over the top of the flimsy garment.

“Off you go then”, said Martin, climbing the steps to his office.

He had full glass sides on the room which allowed him to view all areas of the factory from this raised vantage point. The men whistled as she entered the packaging area and he could see Sarah blush as she tried to explained to the men what she was after.

The men just couldn’t believe their luck. A chance to fuck the boss’s wife for a whole afternoon, taking out their frustrations over missed bonuses and reprimands on her stunning body. What an opportunity, many of the tickets sold easily.

Then as people realised how hard she was trying to sell the remaining tickets, she had to resort to offering favours to the final few. Having a semi naked women parade in front of them was more than some of the young men could handle and Martin watched as she had to allow some of them to finger her or play with her tits before they would buy a ticket. Once they saw that Martin was not attempting to stop this, she was forced to endure this relentless groping and fingering from everyone she passed. Groups of them would grab her as she tried to squeeze past and roughly massage her tits which were now completely exposed over the top of her basque. Martin watched their groping hands were all over her as she tried to make her way up the steps to his office, their eyes following her all the way up to the door. Everyone had stopped working to watch the spectacle.

“How did it feel”, said Marin as he closed the door and pulled her over to the office window.

“Very humiliating”, said Sarah.

“Its not over yet”, he said as he stretched up her arms and pressed her body against the glass, in full view of the men below. All she could do was to watch their faces helplessly through the window as he mauled her body for their pleasure. Martin kissed her open mouth as he started unhooking her basque, easing her full natural breasts out and playing with her hard nipples. Then he bent her over towards the crowd of men gathering below and started to fuck her from behind.

Sarah’s excitement grew as she could now see some of the men rubbing their cocks through their overalls as they watched her tits bouncing and the expressions of pleasure on Sara’s face as she started to climax. Once she had come he stripped her of any remaining underwear and stretched her out against the large window where he pressed her naked body full length against the cold glass. The feeling of the cold glass sent a tingle through her whole body. She felt incredibly horny, being publicly fucked like this.

The men had started to edge their way up the steps for a better view. Some were now just inches away and they could see every movement of her body as Martin humped her violently from behind pressing her forward and flattening her large breasts obscenely against the cold glass pain. He pulled out as he started to cum, jetting strings of sticky sperm onto the glass between her legs. They all watched as it slowly trickled down the window. Then he pushed Sarah’s head down forcing her to lick every drop off the glass.

The men were frantic by now and she could have sold double the number of tickets.

When they were finished the guys were in a frenzy and Martin, had to take her out through the back way to ensure her getting home safely.

Over the next few days Martin noticed a complete change in attitude from Sarah,

his dinner was always ready on the table when he arrived home and Sarah was attentive to his every need, She was there waiting to kiss him as he arrived home, and always dressed up for him. She even gave him a blow job after dinner one evening. The events seemed to have put a spark back into their relationship, completely changing both of them. They were like a different couple.

The raffle draw was to be held on Friday in the factory canteen and they were both starting to have second thoughts as the day approached, but all the tickets were sold and there was no going back now.

On the Friday Sarah felt really apprehensive, but Martin encouraged her, choosing a low cut halter neck teddy for her and he reassured her how beautiful she looked. She put the final touches to her makeup, put on the raincoat and they left for the office. When they arrived all the men were waiting outside, cheering and whistling as the car drew into its parking space. Very little work was done that morning as the men excitedly contemplated the fourth coming event.

Martin had called me and told me everything about what had happened. He had asked me to come along and bring my digital camera to record the proceedings. I was a bit shocked by it all, but didn’t want to miss it so I eagerly agreed.

The atmosphere was electric throughout lunch and then finally it was time for the actual draw. As Sarah walked into the room a huge cheer went up, everyone was standing and applauding. She was then presented with a box containing all the folded tickets and

then silence fell as she nervously read out the first numbers. Each of the men came up to the front to cheers and back patting from their workmates. She was very lucky, all the three of them were young and fit.

Next it was Sarah’s turn to shave each of them. The first one stepped forward and unbuttoned his overalls, letting his cock swing free to the cheers of the crowd.

Sarah took hold of it and gently applied the soap, slowly stroking her fingers along the hardening length as she prepared to shave him, licking the excess soap from the end with the tip of her tongue. She really knew how to turn them on, pulling open her dress to expose her breasts and allowing each of them to play with them and squeeze her nipples whilst she continued to shave them. It was clear that she was really starting to enjoy this.

Once they were all finished, she eased them out of their remaining clothing leaving herself surrounded by three athletic, naked men. She took two of them by the hand and led them out into the main packaging area which was brightly lit and there was plenty of room for people to get a good view. I followed and started to take pictures.

Once in position, she knelt down between the three of them and took a cock in each hand,

slowly and gently stroking her fingers along the length. The third man offered his cock to her lips and she obediently took it into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the tip. They quickly lifted the halter strap of her teddy over her head letting the garment fall loosely around her waist and exposing her ample breasts to the audience. She had great tits, I had never seen her naked before and it was a fantastic thrill to see her like this. I could barely keep the camera still.

Any inhibitions she had must have completely faded away because she was really getting into it now. One of the guys had his hand on the back of her head and was pumping his cock deep into the back of her throat. I could see her cheeks draw in as she sucked him hard, whilst furiously wanking the other two cocks. She looked like a porn star as she alternated between the three cocks with her mouth. As the men became more aroused they really started to squeeze her tits with a vengeance. They were clearly making the most of their opportunity and I kept seeing them look up at Martin’s face for his reaction.

At one point she closed her mouth, I guess her jaw must have been aching, but one of the guys pinched her nose until she opened her mouth for air, then he was thrusting to the back of her throat again. It was fantastic to see her like this with the three cocks in her face. I was so aroused that I would love to have fucked her myself.

They lifted her onto the large white packaging bench in the centre of the room, placing her on her back with her head tilted back over the edge of the table; this allowed one of them to fuck her mouth whilst the others took turns with her pussy. Soon their cum was squirting everywhere, I could see splashes of it glistening all over her body. Some of the other guys were unable to control themselves and had their cocks in their hands, wanking to the spectacle. Martin noticed this and whilst the three winners were getting hard again, he invited them to come forward and shoot their cum over his wife’s face and tits. They eagerly obliged and seeing this soon brought the others back to an erection. They flipped Sarah over, deciding it was time to fuck her in the ass.

The guys were determined to make the most of this and their fuck frenzy continued for

most of the afternoon, eventually ending with the three guys sitting exhausted and nursing their aching balls. When they were all done with her, Martin and I helped Sarah down from the table and helped her back into the teddy, her body was sticky and the material clung to every curve. She put her arms round us and we led her back to the office.

I don’t think she ever went back to the factory again but she was the toast of the workforce and the whole thing seemed to cement their relationship. Sarah found that she really got off on group sex and Martin discovered that he liked to see his wife fucked by other men. I did get to fuck her myself one time, when Martin invited us round to their place for drinks. Once we were all a bit drunk he suggested that we play a few games.

It ended up with Pam and Sarah sitting on two dining chairs in the centre of the room,

both were blindfolded and we tied their hands behind their backs.

It started off with just kissing the girls on their necks and lips, with them trying to guess

which one of us it was. That was easy and the girls guessed straight away. Then I saw Martin start to unbutton the front of Pam’s dress. I knew that she wasn’t wearing a bra so he would see her naked breasts, which made me feel a bit jealous, but he continued and opened her dress completely exposing her. I don’t know if Pam thought that it was me but she moved forward in the chair pressing her tits towards him. He smiled and winked at me has he squeezed her nipples between his fingers.

I thought back over the limits we had agreed, which were that it was ok for me to do anything to Sarah that he was doing to do to Pam. I cupped my hands on her soft breasts scooping them out of her dress and knelt down to suck her nipples. I thought about her impaled on the three cocks at the factory and how much I had wanted to fuck her.

As I looked back at my wife, Martin was pumping at her mouth and fingering her pussy.

We untied them and carried them both over to the sofa where we fucked them side by side. It was incredible fucking Sarah whilst I watched Martin slide in and out of my wife’s juicy cunt. Pam was quite vocal during sex and it felt really strange to hear the familiar sound of her climaxing, but seeing another man cock taking her there.

We stayed the night with them sharing their double bed. None of us slept a wink we were fucking all night, sometimes with each others partners and sometimes two on one. It was a fantastic night.

Martin let me keep about fifteen of the best pictures from the gangbang. I still have them here on my desk as I write.