Written by Mike D

31 Jan 2007

For many years I had always fantasised about seeing my wife having a great sexual experience with another man whilst I was there and enjoying the unbelievable experience. She was a virgin bride and we have always had a great sex life, she has always worn sexy undies and seamed stockings with high heels which she knows I love but so do other people who she knows are admiring her. I have often brought into our lovemaking the idea of another man joining us and it is sometimes met with mixed reactions. 'Who would we get' to 'what happens if I really like it' to 'you would hate seeing me be screwed by someone else'

It has never put me off and if I need to get rid of any excess energy, a visit to the shower and the fantasy of her being undressed, licked, teased and eventuelly screwed by a good looking young guy, always does the trick.

One evening when we had been out and had a nice evening I brought up the topic again and said that I would really like to see her having the time of her life with another man and that there would not be any repocutions but I had to be part of the evening and if she agreed, I would set it all up.

When we got home she made some suggestion that maybe it would be exciting and I decided that I would take it from here and told her whilst we were screwing that I would make all the arrangements and soon the fanatsy would become reality.

I went to London and through a friend arranged to meet a guy who was working as a model. We met in a Costa Coffee and after an embarrassing start we started to get on. He was called Matty and was France. He was a model for underwear and catalogues and he showed me some photos of his last shoot in Dubai. He was very tanned, tall, dark haired with a genuine six pack, he also had removed all body hair because he said that women prefered it that way. There were lots of photos of him in swimwear looking very atractive and I knew that this was the man to make my wife a non virgin bride.

The last few photos came as quite a surprise. He didn't have any shorts on and he was very well endowed. The next photo showed him fully erect and I was well, more than impressed to say the least. He said that because of his work he didn't have a girlfriend and everything was falling in place. I showed him a few photos of my wife and he became very enthusiatic about meeting her. She has a great body, very long legs and great long nipples.

Matty said he would love to meet her and so we arranged the next stage.

I told my wife we were going to London for a few days for some business and some fun. She already had an idea what I was up to and asked if it would involve her having some 'fun'. I had to confess because I knew that she would enjoy the whole thing a lot more if she could enjoy the build up like I was going to.

We went shopping and we bought a new outfit for her sexciting event. Underwear was first, black satin and lace bra, thong and 6 frong suspendner belt. Next black seamed stockings and a tight black dress that showed off her boobs beautifully. When we got to the shoes, I had to persuade her that high heeled stiletteos with an ankle strap were most men's dream. She had to be persuaded that she wouldn't look too tarty. I reminded her that it was part of the excitement!

We went back to the hotel were we had indulged in a suite with a lounge area. She went and started to shower and get ready for a night to remeber. She got ready, put on great make up and the outfit we had bought. She looked absolutely stunning so sexy and I knew that this was going to be an amazing night.

We had a meal in a restaurant, and there was a club below where I had arranged to meet Matty. Throughout the meal we would occasionally talk about what might happen and we both felt massive butterflies in our stomachs. Only the fact the time was moving on kept us going.

It was time to go down to the club. She went to the ladies and came back with new lipstick and loads of lipgloss. She was definitely up for something!

We went downstairs and found a table and ordered some drinks. My mobile rang and it was Matty saying that he was coming in to the club. I told her that her potential lover was just about to arrive, and I could see how nervous she was.

When Matty came over I introduced him and she was instantly put at ease by him. He looked very tanned and was wearing a dark suit and white shirt. He look like the man that was going to make our fantasy come true.

We talked and then the music started to go up beat.. I suggested to Matty that he took her for a dance. They were on the dance floor for some time and were talking and showing their dance moves to each other. The music suddenly went to a slow number and Matty put his arms round her and pulled her close. It wasn't long before they were grinding into each other and inhibitions were starting to break down pretty quickly.

When the track stopped they came back to the table holding hands and smiling all over their faces.

We had a drink and I suggested that we went back to the hotel. Once inside the room I put on some music which I had set before had and poured a drink for us all. The music was playing and Matty didn't need any encouragement to ask her to dance again.

They danced in front of me and were getting more intimate with each other. I nodded at Matty that he could take things a little further and he started to move his hands all over her body. It was obviously having the right effect because I could hear her making noises and swaying to his movements.

I knew that I had to start the next stage and said to them 'why don't you go to the bedroom' Matty lead her by the hand whithout resistance.

The lighting was soft but I alays wanted to watch the whole episode so I had wedged the doors open into the bedroom so that I could enjoy what was about to unfold.

They kissed and fondled each other and then Matty started to unzip her dress. It fell to the floor and revealed a stunning woman dressed in the most sexy outfit of black satin and lace underwear with seamed stockings. From where I was sitting this looked awesome.

Matty worked his magic and soon her bra was falling to the floor. He was kissing her nipples which is instantly attached to her clitoris. I knew she was getting really slippery.

They played with each other until Matty told her to take off his shirt and undo his belt. It was all getting inevitable.... God please get on with it!!

He put her on the bed and pushed her back, I had told him that she likes her thong taken off slowly because she knows that she is going to get screwed when this happens.

He took it off slowly and then moved up between her legs and started to lick her lips and it was obvious that he was now licking her clit and making her skirm with pleasure.

His fingers were next and I could see his thumb playing with her clit whilst his fingers were sliding inside her now slippery pussy.

After many minutes of her writhing, Matty moved up and started to talk to her. This was something we had talked about and I knew that he was going to make her start saying things that she wouldn't normal say.

He now moved up her body and his long thick cock was getting near her mouth. I heard him say something and although I couldn't hear it I knew that he was teasing her with the size of his cock and asking her to slide her tongue only as far down it as she would like inside her. Her tongue went all the way down and then around his balls.

He said to her that his tongue and his fingers had met her clit and now it was time for his cock to make friends with it. He told her to take hold of his cock at the base and then slide it up her moist lips until it meets her clit. At that stage she was to let them kiss and rub each other until they were getting very excited.

At that time and only at that time she was to slide his cock down her lips to the entrance of her pussy and hold it there just rubbing it around until she was absolutely certain that she wanted to feel the excitement of another man's cock inside her. It didn't take long, but Matty told her she musn't let go of his cock until she had got use to his size.

By now my clothes were off and I had moved into the bed room to get a fantastic view of my wife getting screwed by a good looking young man with a good sized cock.

He was siding it in and out slowly because I had told him that's what she likes... suddenly she took her hand away and Matty started to slide the rest of his cock into my wife.

It was amazing to watch, as it went in further she opened her mouth to let out a cry but only a muffled groan came out.

Every time Matty slide his cock out it pulled her lips with it, and his cock was covered in her juices. This was the fantasy come true.

He fucked her slowly to start off with, then getting faster until he could hear her building up to a massive orgasm. I had agreed with Matty (after a medical cert) that he should come deep inside her and I wanted to see his spunk dripping out of her well fucked pussy.

He had previously told me that he was sometimes embarrassed about the amount of spunk he shot and that he could decide if should shoot 3 or 4 good streams, but that he could do this several time a night.

His strokes shortened and his buttocks tightened as he delivered his first load just as she was still in the middle of her first orgasm. She was pulling his buttocks into her which was amazing to see her want him deep inside her.

Her legs were well apart with her seamed stockings and high heels setting of a great scene and to see her receiving a serious screwing from a good looking guy with a thick cock was a fantasy come true!!

There was more to the evening than this and I was surprised by my wife so if you want to hear more let me know