Written by Ken

7 Nov 2004

We had been passing pictures over the internet with Roger and Gaia for well over a year now, and some of our email exchanges were extremely intimate. All four confessed to being turned on by the comments passed back to each other.

Roger and Gaia had finally realised a long-held holiday dream of theirs, to come and visit England. They had already spent 10 days in and around London, and were now coming up North for a couple of days, to visit our part of the world. We had arranged to meet in Yorkshire, our home county here in England, at a pub, not too far from where we live. Denise was very wary and nervous that we are actually meeting somebody we have only met on the internet.

As soon as we meet, it is clear Gaia is a little nervous, too. We find seats in a quiet corner, and Roger and I go off to the bar for drinks. We make small talk, but both say how fantastic each others' partners are looking - much sexier 'in the flesh', as it were. When we take the drinks back to the girls, we find they are both getting on like a house on fire. It seems while we were away, they both confessed to each other about being nervous, and both said they were really only doing it for us two, but were sneakily a little excited by it all, too. That is why they had both dressed up in sexy underwear, and in the darkness of the quiet corner, Denise lifts up her tight-fitting mini skirt to reveal stocking and suspender, but no knickers, Gaia does the same, and also has stocking and suspenders, but with knickers on. By now, Roger and I have joined them, Gaia excuses herself, winks at Denise, and says she feels a little over-dressed and trots off to the ladies. She comes back, sits back down again next to Roger but opposite to me and Denise. She says to Denise "how about this" and to my great astonishment and delight, pulls up her skirt a little, and opens her legs wide to reveal the most gorgeous shaven pussy. Gaia is obviously a little excited already, as I can just detect the merest hint of pre-cum glistening on her pussy lips.

From now on, the conversation flows more freely. The girls are really warming to the situation now, and the conversation is beginning to turn to how much they both enjoy posing for the camera. Denise has a wicked look in her eyes, as she leans over to Roger, and under the table, gently places her hand on Rogers' crotch. Roger is already stirring with the sexy talk, and as Denise slowly rubs the outside of Rogers' crotch, he starts to harden. I'm watching all this, and this is the first time I've ever seen Denise touching another man, and it really turns me on. I ask Denise to swap places with me, so she is sitting nearer to Roger. The pub is still very quiet, and our table is in a small alcove hidden from the bar. I reach over, and slowly run my hand on the outside of Gaia' thigh, up under her skirt, until I feel the softness of her thigh above her stocking tops. Out of the corner of my eye, Denise is still rubbing Rogers' cock on the outside, and Roger is beginning to caress Denise's thigh, first on the outside of her skirt, but as it rides up, Rogers' fingers are presented with her creamy skin above. Roger move his hand gently round, and Denise parts her legs slightly to give Roger better access. I see Rogers' hands disappear up her skirt, and can tell from the movements Rogers' hand is gently running up and down the front of Denises' pussy lips.

This is all getting a little too much for me, and I suggest we finish our drinks and go back to our house, where the kids are conveniently away on sleepovers. Reluctantly, because we are beginning to enjoy things so much, we agree and go out to the cars in the car park. To make sure Roger doesn't get lost on the way home, Denise agrees to ride in Rogers' car, and Gaia in mine.

.......to be continued