Written by Graham and Corrine

17 Dec 2004

Ihad been living in France for some years and had no extra marital encounters since moving here when a new french couple moved into the village.

He was still woking in Paris and only came home at weekends.She did not work but was looking for a job locally.

The weekend after they arrived we invited them round for appretifs and happily drank our way through several bottles of wine. During this time I became aware that Corrine, the neighbour, was eyeing me up. Was I reading the signs properly, did the looks mean the same in french?

Well obviously I wasand they did for a few days later there was knock at the door annd there stood Corrine dressed in a very short skirt and a very revealing top. I invited her in.She said she wanted ask me some questions about where to on holiday in England. I offered her a drink and went to go fetch.Ineede one my tongue was hanging out and my dick was throbbing being so close to what could only be descibed as delicious pussy.

I returned to the living room to find her stretched out on the sofa frigging herself. She aked me if Iwould like to finish her off.Did I need a second invite ....no way.

I knelt down beside her and slipped my hand into her already wet knickers. I slid into her crack and found her engroosed clit .I began massaging and she started to writhe and moan, soon she came with a shuudering cry.

Then it was my turn my cock was almost bursting from my trousers as she undid them, her hands felt like silk as she felt the whole of my dick and cupped myballs.Her tongue flicked the dome gently and I felt as if iwould come straightaway but she squeezed my balls and stopped me. soon she had me in he mouth what wonderful sensation that wasand follwing athorough licking she made for deep throat and let me come drinking each magnificent spray of come and sucking me dry.

After that she dais she thought we should have that drink. We had several and had both recovered aand she suggested that we should continue our games in bed. We went upstairs and both took a shower. That was magic. Coming all over her and washing it off afterwards was so erotic I could hardly wait to get her into bed.

In bed we spent some time in foreplay each bringing the other close to climax before she said 'Take me.' Islid my cock inside and felt her vaginal muscles expand and contract against my dick. I started to move in and ou but she stopped me saying 'Let me do it.' I stopped and let her muscles squeeze and relax until we both had the most fantastic climax.

After several minutes she took my cock and licked it clean.She got dressed and said she had to go but she woul;d call again soon to talk some more about holidays in England.

The talks have continued and I may tell you more another day.