Written by poppytin

17 Jan 2007

They shuffle around whispering quietly, you strain to hear them, where are they. You start to panic as you realise just what you are doing, you are ready to shout stop as the panic increases. You hear the whirr of vibrators not one but more, then the cold touch as five are placed on different parts of your body. Two are busy teasing your nipples two tease just inside your thigh, whilst the fifth wonders freely. Ohhh the feelings your nipples feel on fire as they work them on the tips, you start to strain all fear forgotten. You need them in you, but they just tease, slipping close to your cunt but never invading it. Your hips rise in a vain attempt to be penetrated but to no avail. You start to beg and remember the game, I am ready you shout and as if obeying a command one is slipped deep in to your cunt. You are ready to orgasm but to your disappointment it is switched off and rests deep in you. You hear my voice, concentrate feel it and tell me which it is. You are visible frustrated you want to cum. Again I command you to focus and remind you the reward is the real thing. You search your mind, it feels thin but long but it's texture is difficult to sense and who is operating it, you describe it as best you can. There are mutters among the group, this slut is good. I say good remember that is Bill's and with that it is removed. You are momentarily disappointed until you feel another pushed into you, this one is thicker about the same length, once again the texture is difficult to feel but it feels quite stiff, your hips try to rise to enjoy it's feel but you cannot. Describe it I order, you happily do. More muttering she loves it, Good girl that is Staves remember it's feel and once more it is pulled out to be replaced by another. This one is thin but most definitely has ribs the texture is again difficult to sense but you think it may be softer, describe it I say and once again you do. More mutters has she got eyes in her cunt. Well, done that is Daves. again it is removed and replaced. This one does not slip in quite so easily, it is much thicker and longer, the texture appears soft. You want badly to proceed with the game, be well and truly used, you quickly realise and without waiting describe the monster in you. The group respond with mutters of she really up for it and I can't wait to give her a good shagging. I simply tell you that is Dilllon's and it is removed. You are tense and want to get on with the game your mind is racing, Oh how you want an orgasm, too be fucked and filled with spunk. You are no longer interested in how wrong it is you body is in control and it wants SEX. Your thoughts are broken by another vibrator being pushed up your well lubricated hole, it slides in easily and is obviously smaller than the previous one, Dillon's name pops in your head This one is feels soft and as it slips in you tell the group, describing it thickness as being much the same as the rest, it finally stops and you say it is similar in length to the rest. More muttering god she a fuck machine can't wait till we give her big prize, what you wonder do they mean, you think fucking me, I hope I guess right. I simply say that is mine and it is a rabbit, your senses search but you cannot feel that second finger and you are puzzled, but I have not pushed it fully home that would be to easy.

I withdraw it and while you are ready, I decide a little more teasing will guarantee your full co-operation. I quietly indicate to the group that we have a little more fun before we start and without warning your body is attacked by five willing lips and tongues. Your mouth is covered by lips and a tongue probes in your mouth. As if that was not enough you can feel your tits being roughly massaged squeezing the nipples up and then lips kissing and licking them. OHHHH god it is glorious your hips strain against the bonds you need something in you but it is denied, your mind is a whirlpool of thoughts and feelings only made worst by the two tongues now running up and down your inner thigh. You try to lift your hips in a vain attempt to get one of the tongues on your clit, but it is denied. Suddenly in the confusion of your mind you miss my command to stop and you find all the tongues gone, but your body has a mind of it's own and continues to writhe against your bonds. The group almost as one say fucking hell you could do anything with the slut and she would be up for it.

Slowly your senses clear and you body becomes still, do you want fucking I say, YES please is your answer, then you better guess right. The sound of five vibrators breaks the silence. Your mind starts to race as you feel the first go in and settle deep in you. You are going to cum but the operator senses it and switches it off, the frustration. You want more I say, then guess? you think it feels big and hard but which one is it and who's, you try to remember all those vibrators and the names. Steves, wrong is the reply. Concentrate, feel it and it moves slightly. You just feel the rib's, it was Daves and it is pulled out. Again another whirring vibrator is pushed in you, concentrate. It more difficult when they are pulsating, again it slides deep in but this time the operator is not so quick and you start to orgasm. It is cut it is switched off and your sense of frustration only heightens your desire and need to be fucked