Written by Chrissie

11 Mar 2006

We have a cottage in Wales that we excape to when we can get off work for a long weekend, but because we don't get there as often as we would like the garden gets overgrown, and we spend all our time there getting it straight again, so we decided to ask at the local shop if there was a man that would be prepared to keep it in shape for us, telling the shop keeper that we would be down again in three weeks if anybody was interested tell them to come to see us on our return.

Just to paint the picture, I'm twenty seven, fit active and love sex, Chrissie is younger than me by five years, very sexy, and loves sex even more that me, she's just under five feet and very tiny, only just a size eight, with little tits that have the most huge nipples, she is always shaven and keeps herself fit.

The three weeks soon came round but I had to work on the Friday, so Chrissie my wife went on her own, me to join her on Saturday, well on the way home on Friday night I had a minor accident in my car, not hurt but the car was, I phoned Chrissie on her mobile and told her that I was not coming down and to enjoy herself, see her Monday evening, she said that three gardeners had shown interest and I left her to negotiate terms with one of them, she will now take over the story, as I wasn't there she was.

Well hi this is Chrissie, as my husband told you I was on my own in a remote cottage in Wales, it is so remote that we never see anybody for weeks at a time when we are here, I had told the shop in the village to send the gardeners round on Saturday afternoon at hourly intervals, the first was due at one o clock, he turned up, a very grumpy old man who didn't impress me at all, the second was better and I told him to call at the shop on Monday where I would leave my decision, the third turned up late, he was older that the other two, about sixty five at a guess, he looked round the garden and kept sneaking glances at me, perhaps because it was hot, I wasn't wearing much, just my bikini and a pair of shorts, he seemed to know all about the garden and eventually told me he lived here when he was a child, he asked if we had altered the house much, I told him no it was just as we bought it, he asked several questions, and eventually I took him inside to show him the house, he was quite interested and looked round all the rooms including our bedroom, he asked where my husband was, I told him that he wouldn't be down this week end, he smiled and said you might by lonely here all on your own, you don't know how lonely it gets out here, he went on to tell me he had lost his wife five years ago and had been on his own ever since, I made him some tea and we chatted about money, he was reasonable and I agreed to hire him, we were sitting in the living room, opposite each other, his eyes were all over me so much that I got a cardigan and wrapped it round my shoulders, to hide some of the bare skin, he asked me not too, saying he had never seen so loveley a lass for a long time, I didn't know what to do, it was a bit embarassing but I threw the top off again and said stop staring at me like you want to eat me then, the wrong thing to say I suppose, he replied "I would love to eat you" I knew exactly what he meant and to my horror it made me go all tingly inside like when my husband teases me, he smiled and said you think I'm a dirty old man don't you, I said well yes you are old enough to be my father, he said many a good tune played on an old fiddle, it was just so not me, flirting with anybody let alone an old man, but it was so exciting, he said I better be off before I do something that will get me the sack before I start, he left, I felt so horny that I went upstairs and played with myself, I phoned My husband later that evening and told him about the gardener, all of it, he just laughed, saying if you fancy him then enjoy yourself, I didn't think any more about it untill Sunday afternoon, I was sunbathing in the back garden when Joe the gardener came whistling round the house, with his arms full of tools, he said hi missus you enjoy the sun, I want to get started on those roses before they take over the whole garden, I laid there in the tiniest bikini I own, with Joe sneaking looks at me making me think bad thoughts, I decided to go in before I did something I might regret, he finished and came to the door, I had put a wrap on so not so much flesh on show, he said pity to cover that body up, it's good to look at, I said well you looked enough this afternoon didn't you he blushed, and said soory but I havn't been with a woman since my wife died and you make me feel young again, I don't know why but I slipped the robe off letting him see my almost naked body, he reached out and touched my nipple sending shivers down my spine, I knew he was going to have me and so did he, we just seemed to drift back into the lounge and my bikini was on the floor, his head between my thighs, his hands reaching up playing with my engorged nipples, he made me come very quickly, his fingers exploring inside my pussy, his thumb cirling round my clitty, he sucked on one nipple then the other, making then stand out even more that usual, he then stood up, ondoing his belt his trousers and pants dropped to his feet, his cock stood out like a flagpole it was enormous, I reached out and pulled towards my mouth, I couldn't get it in because it was just too fat, I licked up and down the length, weighing his huge testicles in my hand while I wanked him with the other, he pushed me back on the chair, kneeling betwen my legs, his cock nudging my sex, I was wet from his tonguing, and he pushed the bell end into me stretching me as it pushed further in, he lifted my legs up over his shoulders and pushed his huge cock deep inside, it felt like he was tearing me apart, but I wanted to feel all of it, he eased back and then started to fuck me with long hard strokes, in the position I was in he was able to get the whole lot in me, I was climaxing all the time, he fucked and fucked, till eventualy he grunted and shot his come deep inside me, he pulled out and just sat there looking at me, I didn't feel embarassed now just sort of special, his looks wern't lecherous, more like wonder, he stayed the night and showed me that age has nothing to do with performance, he had me four times before he left very early the next morning he didn't want people to see him coming from our cattage because of my reputation, he called again on Monday before I left and gave me some more of his hard old cock, I know I will get some more of that when we go down again, and my husband want's to watch, kinky man.