Written by fellatricia

3 Jul 2019

wrote part 1 on 20/06.(read this first).. now I have time to continue

We rushed along the path to our aptmt.. my husband threw the goor open and the girl and I crashed in, I whipped off my blouse

and stood naked from the waist up in front of her ; now she had been ogling my tits at the swimming pool all day ; now she saw g the chance to feel them, her eyes bulging ... I took her hands and placed them on my tits -- gently I told her ;;

she gently squeezed my nipples - o mon dieu she gaspen they are so beautiful ... my husband appeared from the side ;; you suck and kiss that one he said whilst I kiss the other - the girl did not answer she simply kissed my tit and started sucking the nipple ..

my husband did te same --- o boy , having both tits suced at the same time, I felt my clitoris beging to throb. I pushed the away , undid my skirt and let it fall on the floor .. Wow wow squealed the girl .. sans culottes ---- I grabbed her hands and pulled her blouse off, undid her bra and threw them on the floor. She had smallish tits, but they were verr pretty and almost symetrical.

Beautiful beautiful i told her, a nervous smile - they are not very big she said, no, but beautiful , i repeated ;; her nipples had hardened, i'll kiss this one, i said to my husband, you kiss that one?. The girl said nothhin, we sucked her tits she began moaning ..

I drpped to the fllor and removed her skirt, I slowly pulled her knickers down -- the sides of her pussy surrounding her cunt hand been trimmed away - a bikini cut - I could clearly see her pinkies and as I looked her clitty popped into view. I ran the back off my firts first finger up what was now already her wet cung, she moand, i leant foward and kissed her cunt , running my tongue up and duwn her slit - when i flicked her clitty she squealed --- aghhhhh ...

to be cintinued soon ..