Written by peter & ann

25 Nov 2004

I picked ann up from work in wallasey village , one of the girls had just announced she was getting engaged so they had all been drinking in the afternoon, ann was a little bit tipsey so instead of going straight home i drove down to the gunsite car park it was about 5-30pm and the car park was empty , it wasnt quite dark but I had no trouble getting her to strip naked she was kneeling on the front seat sucking me off when a car drove in and parked opposite us , the guy sat in his car just watching for a while and then he got out and walked towards our car when he seen ann,s naked ass he got his cock out and it was huge , the head was the size of a tomato ,I told ann and she looked around and said omg and said wind the window down , he came closer and ann pushed her ass towards the window , he was holding her hips and gently pulling her ass towards him , ann was still sucking my cock he got the tip of his cock against her pussyhole and I could feel ann pushing back onto his cock , after a few minutes the big red end just went right in her and she gasped and pushed back onto it even more he held onto her hips and started to shag her I could feel her body starting to trmble and the she came with a shuddering orgasm as she did I couldnt hold back and shot into her mouth he carried on fucking her she came again and again 7 times in all then I heard him moan out loud and he shot his poad deep into her pussy ,just as he did we seen some headlights comming up the lane he pulled his cock out and just about got back in his car when a police car drove with its headlights on main beam they drove around slow and then drove off I think they knew what we,d been doing but it was really worth it , weve been back their a few times but all they seem to want to do their now is frighten couples off the doggers just drive around with their headlights full on , we wont be going their again peter & ann